Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I thought I would write about Harley and mine's texts yesterday. Tonight, looking back at them, I think they kind of tell the story themselves:
Harley: "Help . . . officer needs assistance"

Rachel: "What's wrong".

H: I'm blue w agony"

R: "So this isn't a 'man down' type situation?"

H: "No, it's more of a 'man up' problem"

R: "What can I do for my man?"

H: "I can't stop thinking about what you did for me Saturday . . . will you do that again"

R: "Sweetie, you have to  be more specific.  I did a lot of things for you Saturday night."

H: "You love torturing me, don't you -  the blowjob".

R: "Oh that . . . you liked that . . . I could not tell".

H: "You couldn't tell? You are so gonna get a spanking".

R: "Promises, promises"  There was a bit of a long break here in my saying anything more.

H: "Help . . . officer still in distress".

R: "I'm sorry Sweetie, I got stuck on a phone call, you can spank me for that later too. Of course, I will help my man with his problem".

A few hours later, I was back on my knees taking care of Harley.


  1. Gotta love preliminary sexting....

  2. Ps Can I put you back on the reading list I have on the blog? (I always ask first, you never know!)

  3. I didn't ask. Sorry, I was just so glad to see you back!