Sunday, March 24, 2013

Do I Need To Post A Topless Pic?

I'm so sick.  Yeah, I get sick too damned much.  I've been told that many times this week already.  Stress?  Unhappiness?  Bad genes?  Bad luck?  All the above?  I will return when i feel a bit better.  I want to finish the bit w Tree.  Talk about other things coming up.  Can't think what they are right now, but I know there was something (I'm so sick).  And I want to respond to Advizor's FFF.  I've actually got an idea.  But no strength to write it.  I'm babbling right now, so this does not count - and I'm probably not making any sense (way too many drugs and no freaking sleep because i can't stop caughing).  But the real thing I wanted to post this second is that I LOST A FOLLOWER.  So sad.  I was up to 115.  Yeah, I know that number counted some people who've long since gone away.  I know I'm not a Candy or Advizor or any of y'all other great posters.  I was okay w not having many followers.  But to lose one.  What'd I do?  Just having a few followers is one thing, but it sucks to lose a follower.  Don't even know how to see who dropped out.  You might need to know that I've had some (a lot) of whiskey and honey to try to stop my non-stop caughing.  Add that to my tending to get sensitive when I am sick, and there you have my babbling.  I'm kind of teasing here too.  But hey, if it takes a nude shot to get followers . . . hmmm . . . I will certainly consider it.  Not opposed to it.  :)  Have been thinking about it anyway.  Girl likes to be encouraged and appreciated though, you know.  Maybe.  When I feel better.  And not buzzed too.  Hmm, may delete this entire post when I wake up . . . way too many shots to stop the caugh . . . caugh stopped . . . and I do feel better . . . really better . . . a buzzed better . . . and I am a drunk texter, as you maybe remember (though I know a certain reader has probably forgotten!!!).  I need a cold shower.  Hmm, maybe I'll take a picture in there too?  :)  


  1. Well nudity is almost always good, but I don't think you have to worry about it ever being the primary reason for people to come to the blog. Just write as much as you can as often as you can.

  2. Show the goods and I will follow. True story!

  3. I would not complain if you did but would not unfollow if you did not. I also enjoy your stories.

  4. I followed without you showing the goods... :op

    Not that I wouldn't want to see them... :oD

    Don't worry about those that come and go... it means nothing. I used to wonder/worry when a reader or so would drop off. In reality, it means nothing.

    Cheriks up there gives you great advice!!

    I hope you get well soon. I've had a horrible month or so... a cold that went to the flu that went to pneumonia and now laryngitis... and being a professor who really needs his voice, this isn't good!!!


  5. Um.... my opinion, is if they dropped you, they've probably dropped off the face of the planet. Ok maybe not the planet but off blogworld part. Don't worry about it, my numbers go up and down all the time. And you are just as good as the rest of us. I need to do another appreciation post of other great bloggers. Fact is besides you and a few others, there aren't many others that I really have time or energy to keep up with.

    I love you too honey, thanks for writing that date on your calendar, I'm sure I won't let anyone forget that it's coming though. I've already got my travel diary out planning things!

    Get better soon!!!!! ****HUGS****

  6. I lost one last week to, it's no biggie. In most cases it's someone who probably deleted their account.

  7. Y'all are all so special (but maybe not so much you Daniel . . lol). I appreciate that your concern for my feelings and my other 'assets'. I say and do some pretty goofy stuff when I'm not feeling good or when I've been drinking. Since I did both last night, me being goofy was pretty much a given. I'm still sick, but a little less goofy today. I promise that if I ever post more revealing photos, then it will because it makes me happy to do so. (And Daniel, it will probably happen someday . . . maybe).

    1. I hope you feel better soon and I shall wait with bated breath for the photos.

  8. Followers are over-rated even though I love them all, so don't go posting pictures just for that. The ones who follow for that reason will never be satisfied, that those of us who follow you love you just the way you are, a beautiful, sniffling, sneezing, alcohol-fueled babbler who we wouldn't leave for the world.

    Just get some rest, keep you clothes on, and write again soon.


  9. Thank you Daniel. I appreciate that. Okay, you're pretty special too. :)

    And Advizor, I thank you for putting up w my alcohol-fueled babbling last night to you. Did you really just tell me to keep my clothes on? Not sure I've ever heard any man say that to me . . . LOL. Yellow, but the way.

  10. I vote yes. Didn't even really have to think about it too much, either :)

  11. Followers. You gain them, lose them. Someone perhaps stopped reading your kind of blog and cleaning up their blog list. It does happen, I've done it. I lost one the other day, I think I know who it was as she posted an irritated comment on my blog; but the next week I gained two. You have just gained one today, I came here on Cande's recommendation. But quality is more important than quantity.

    If you are really obsessive about it you can hover your mouse over each follower icon, record the name and manually check your list of followers when the number changes.