Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Weekend w Tree III

We had a conversation I really want to include too.
After having made love for the second time Friday night and before the nights concluding blowjob, Tree and I were sitting on the balcony listening to the waves and talking about nothing in particular.  We had also done some pretty good damage to a 20 pack of Bud Light.  i don't know how to describe my feelings sitting there except to say that I can't recall ever feeling more relaxed. 
Its hard for me to remember what all we talked about.  His family.  Mine.  Interests.  Dreams.  I asked him if there was anything special he wanted to do our weekend together.  We were in Saint Augustine, my personal favorite local getaway destination, and there are a wealth of things to see or do there.  It's also the oldest European city in the States and since I consider myself a bit of a closet historian, I would have loved to have played his personal tour guide.  I'm making suggestions of places we can go see and basically getting my nerd on.  I'm not sure a half-drunk, half-dressed blonde on a balcony over-looking a beach can be a nerd, but I was doing a fair job of trying w my stories about the history of Saint Augustine.   During all this, I make a smart-ass comment that I was hoping there was something else special he really really wanted to do that weekend.  He looked at me, unable to figure it out, until I finally laughed and said, "ME".  He responded w something like hoping I would want to do "it" some more.  My feet were in his lap, but I think I kind of nudged him hard w one foot saying, "goof, I'm spending the weekend w you at the beach - what do you think I want to do".  I told him that whenever he wanted me again, he just needed to take my hand and lead me to the bed.  "Better yet, just bend me over".  What I didn't say, but I remember thinking and wanting to say - or just push me to my knees, or throw me down, make me gag, pull my hair, smack my ass, or tie me up even.  I had been drinking, but not enough to say all that out loud. 

That conversation soon led to the blowjob.  He had repeated a little later, "just bend you over".  I took the hint and asked, "did you want me to bend over for you now".  Then, I kneeled down on the balcony adding, "or is there something else you might like me to do for you".  I'm enjoying the feeling of him getting hard in my mouth.  I'm trying to bob on his dick, but I was a tired Rachel by this time of the evening.  Using my hands on his legs, I encouraged him to take over the pace by thrusting into my mouth.  He did, gently at first, increasing his speed as his own urges took over inside of him.  His hands were already in my hair and kind of put my hands on top of them.  It wasn't something I was really thinking about.  I was just in the moment and going w it.  Looking back, it was kind of fun showing him how to be dominant.  And I loved ending the night w me on my knees for him getting ready to swallow his semen.

It was a beautiful first night together.

And little did I realize that he was still thinking about our conversation.



  1. Get your geek on girl! You're awesome.... Love this memory. It will definitely stick with you. It's just so perfect. xoxo

  2. I'll be thinking about this conversation for a long time too, and I wasn't even there.

    What a wonderful way for your first (of many?) weekends to go!

    And I love smart chicks who know history, keeps me from having to learn it. LOL