Monday, March 4, 2013

I Asked Tree . . .

I asked Tree if he would like to go away w me for the weekend.

I thought my heart was going to explode I was so nervous.  My friend Randi said I was an idiot to be so scared.  "What's he going to say," she would nag, "No babe, I'd much rather stay home watching tv than go to the beach for the weekend w a hot blonde".  Maybe it doesn't make sense to anyone, but I could still imagine his saying "no thanks".  And I wasn't really sure what to do if he did say no.

But he didn't (big smile).

Just got a text from Tree - "Is it Friday yet".  Friday can't get here soon enough.


  1. OK, so what you need is an on-line shopping trip. Hmmmmm.....


    New bikini for a new boy?

  2. See it's like a rollercoaster. The first ride is tough but once you're out there it feels great.

  3. Advizor: It might be just a bit too chilly still for a bikini. Besides, I was thinking he might like something more suited for indoor wear, if you catch my drift.

    Ryan: Well, I love rollercoasters. Space Mountain is a blast. I realize it's not really a rollercoaster, but Splash Mountain is my favorite.

  4. Rollercoasters are fun but I like waterparks. I'm jealous you're going to the beach even if it is cold.

  5. Aww I wrote a comment on here the other day and it didn't go through. I guess comments from my phone aren't always reliable.

    I'm so glad, how very exciting!! Can't wait to hear about it! :D