Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Weekend w Tree II

I promise not to post forever about every little detail.  But there is just so much I do want to describe and that I want to remember forever too.  Please bear w me.
Truth be told, I was a little nervous about how we would be w each other once that initial burst of passion had been spent.  And maybe Tree was nervous about that as well because neither of us moved to seperate for the longest time.  He kept me there, impaled beneath him.  Who am I kidding - I kept me there.  At first, he rose up enough to see down into my face.  No words.  We just looked at each other.  I was kind of embarrassed for some reason.  Naked, his dick still inside of me, the memory of things I had just said and done fresh in my mind, but I didn't really have anywhere I could go hide.  He just kept staring down at me until finally I just stared back up at him.  He eventually rested his head down on my shoulder.  It's been a while since a lover has rested on top of me.  I liked the feeling of Tree there.  I stopped feeling nervous about being w Tree and was just enjoying every moment.
We made love twice more that night.  Once was a slower, more intimate, time in the bed.  The first time was pure passion and need - finding and taking our pleasure in each other.  That second time was was every bit as intense, but so very different too.  Unspoken, we each focused instead on givng pleasure to the other.  Tree used his mouth on hands on me.  I guided him a bit when his head was between my legs.  I'm always a little nervous trying to say what feels good there.  Tree couldn't have been a more attentive lover.  He surprised me by getting me to cum again.  I enjoy sex, but don't often cum during sex.   Cumming twice in a single night was WOW!!!!   And no, I didn't bite him this time . . . but I did pull the pillow over my face and bit into it. 
Later, Tree recieved a well deserved blow job.



  1. Twice? he's a keeper. I'm glad it went well, i'm really glad you told us about it, I'll even forgive you if your FFF story is late. Ha!

  2. What a great recap of what sounds like an AMAZING weekend. Happy to read of it.

  3. I'm definitely not complaining about extra detail. I'd read every second if you wrote it. xoxo It sounds amazing. Absolutely special and romantic.

  4. Sounds like you have a good thing going. Good for you for having the courage to make it happen.