Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Workout Girl

Called the Boyfriend THREE TIMES today. What did he say? "Why are you calling me so much today?". He never noticed once. Maybe I should have taken instead the picture I took today after I was left the gym. I almost hope he is with his mother when he finally notices.



  1. Yep he definitely deserves to be called when his mother is around then... At least she'll notice!

    Great pic by the way! Lovely, lovely view.

  2. That is a great picture. Very nice ass indeed.... SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!!

  3. What a hoot. I always look at the picture on my phone before I answer, because most of the time I don't answer. Though, if you want my number, I'd be more than happy to share.

    Either picture would probably make my hand shake too much to answer....

  4. Damn girl. Lovely view, indeed.

    And I can't believe he didn't notice...I gotta get my wife to do that for my phone!

  5. Wow what an ass. Im usually not an ass guy but it made my cock hard? Great pic from the other day too.

    Are you sure your bf is a normal red blooded guy? How could he not comment on such a thing of beauty.

  6. Everyone was way too kind on my last two posts. The good girl is me blushed. But, truth be told, the naughtier side of me smiled that I was so well recieved. Hugs. : ) And yes, I have been plotting evil on the Boyfriend for not noticing. He'll notice then (evil smile).

  7. Very nice story. Gorgeous Ass !!!

  8. Dare I say it may be time to ditch this unobservant loser and look for an upgrade in the BF department?

    Oh yes, nice ass.