Monday, September 13, 2010


Why is it that most women love shoes and purses which is also perhaps the two things that guys care the least about?

How did I not inherit the shoe-loving gene?

Why are men so turned on by women in heels?

If given the choice, I believe every man alive would want his woman to keep her heels on when getting fucked - am I wrong? (By now, it should be obvious what Wide Load asked me to keep on while I was giving him a blowjob).

How did stiletto’s get to be called "cum fuck me heels"? (Granted, that is usually what I want when I wear mine. And yes, that's why I had them on when I went to see Wide Load)

Why do strippers have to wear shoes?

And just why are stripper shoes so damned ugly? C'mon already, it is the only damned piece of clothing she is wearing; does they have to be hideous as well? Do not tell me that they are sexy either because there is nothing sexy about platform stiletto's.

And, just for what it is worth, this is the sort of post-coital cuddling talk that Wide Load gets going with. Of course, when he does it, my sides usually start hurting so much from laughing so hard, and for some strange reason that just turns me on all the more, which then means I am working extra hard to get him all aroused and back in the saddle again.


  1. My theories?
    Guys did heels because the elongates the female leg and make them look taller. Taller women are better at getting beer from the back of the fridge and tools down from the top shelf of the garage. Plus, we want you to keep them on during sex so it's harder for you to run away when you realize we aren't Matt Damon.

    Strippers wear ugly shoes because they can't see down past their fake boobs and they've spent all their money on (nudge nudge) "college tuition."

    Just a theory :-)

  2. I think it's a love hate relationship with shoes. Women need shoes to go with every outfit. So the more they have the easier it is to dress. (that's my take anyhow).

    I once heard that your feet don't have "fat" days or "bad hair" days so it's easy to dress them up and look good all the time.

    Men are turned on by heels because they make a woman look more precarious, it tightens her ass and legs, it makes her look like an easy prey. Men are the lions, women are the gazelles.

    Why doesn't my man ask me to keep my heels on??? it's not fair.

    I'm not sure why strippers wear those f**ing tacky shoes. The transparent ones with platforms and stilettos. I just don't get it either.

  3. Nothing sexier than a woman in a pair of Louboutin's. Something about the slut red bottom of them makes me want to take her into a closet and have my way with her.

  4. @hebe- I love me some shoes and I have plenty of the very same styles as the Louboutin's but if I am going to spend anywhere from $600-$900 on average "to get me some cock" or pleasure it will not be on shoes. I could have a very nice toy collection that would bring hours upon hours of pleasure over shoes. (Just my thoughts *wink*)