Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I love it when my lover takes control during sex. I am not sure how long it took me to realize this. Over time, I realized the things that I remembered the most or I enjoyed the most when I was with someone.

I remember the first time a lover held my wrists over my head while he rode me on top with me looking up into his eyes. He was gently thrusting into me. My hands were rubbing along his back, I think (what man does not like that!!!). He took a hold of my wrists and lifted them over my head. Then he just held them there while he looked down into my eyes. It may not sound like the most intense or erotic thing in the world, but I still think about that time. I felt so completely under his control and that he was completely inside of me.

I love being taken from behind. Face to face is for romance. From behind is when I want to be possessed. (And don't you think my ass is meant to be ridden from behind?)

I have been tied down once, but I do not find that nearly as pleasurable as being held in place my my lover. I can not explain the difference. I feel a tighter bond to my lover maybe. It is him holding me with his strength.

I remember the first time a lover took my hands and held them behind my back while he rode me from behind. I remember asking him about it later when we were curled up in bed talking. He looked genuinely suprised. "I did that . . . I did do that, didn't I?" He said he had never done anythhing like it before and had not really even thought about it then. I was bent over the bed and he was behind me. He said he had a rough day and that he had really appreciated being with me that evening (I really am incredibly supportive). He was fucking me and apparently I was really starting to get into thursting back onto him as well. I remember exactly how he sounded when he said - hesistant and nervous to tell me - that he wanted to ride me and fuck me. He did not want me, to use his words, "fucking back". Without thinking, he said, he took my wrists behind my back to limit my moving. I think he was afraid how I might react. I don't know, maybe it does sound bad that way I am describing it now. Its now how I think of it. I laughed and told him it was perfectly okay, that I was glad he went with how he felt and needed me. To this day, I sometimes slip my hands behind my back hinting for them to be held there.


  1. I totally enjoy the reaction from a woman when Im fucking her from behind and then grab her wrists and pull them back. Her face and the sounds she makes are priceless. Then after that I usually do a little hair pulling. Again priceless.

    You do have an amazing ass. So are you into hairpulling? Ever been gagged or choked?
    Damn that ass is fine

  2. In response to your question. Yes, your ass was made and meant to be ridden. Slow, fast, hard and gentle. Kissed, licked, loved, and fucked. Pulled, pushed, spanked and gently massaged.

  3. Damn, that's hot. My wife once told me the same thing about having her hands held down over her head.

  4. I know what you mean about preferring your hands being held, rather than tied. Although from the opposite perspective, of course. ;-)

    There's an essence of pure masculinity and strength to physically holding you in place that makes it more sexual. It's actually "taking" you, almost like a caveman, as opposed to you just allowing yourself to be tied up.

    I do like tying, by the way, but for me, it's a different kind of thing. It's more a matter of her being submissive, while physically holding is a matter of me boing dominant.

  5. Page: Hair-pulling yes. Do not think I would go along with being choked or gagged. Seriously, why would a guy want to gag my mouth?

    Lie: Thanks

    Will: I think its one of our biggest not-so-secret secrets.

    Riff: Thank you in forgiving me for being a long-time fan of your blog, but never commenting.

  6. The idea of control, getting it, giving it, asking to lose it, plays with our head space in wonderful ways. Do I trust them enough? Will they play it right? To give ourselves over to another for their pleasure, which becomes ours. A wonderful post, an amazing picture.

  7. Oh that sounds so HOT. I love getting it from behind and never thought about my hands being back there. Something new to try, next time!!!!


  8. There is a definitely a right way and a wrong way to take control and I'm sure it varies from person to person.

    These are great ideas and insight into what at least one woman wants, maybe they will come in handy sometime?

    also, the picture goes perfectly with the words

  9. I want all of that: tied up, ridden hard, held in place, being "taken", being controlled, that hint of constraint or exaggeration of constraint, hair pulling, forcing into positions, having him make me do things for his personal pleasure...

    And yes, your ass is superb honey!!!

  10. I could never get my ex to understand this desire to be held/pinned/taken. I have yet to find a man whom will do that to me now. No one who is willing to even take the risk to imply such things, or be brazen enough to just do it. I love how you describe your partner doing it but not necessarily being completely conscience of doing it but aware enough to not take it too far. I wish that more men could take the subtle hints, how leaning into the pressure or pleasure means they are doing well and leaning away meant time to change it up. MEN! At least it sounds like you got deliciously lucky.

  11. I enjoy restraining my partner with my own hands or with restraints. The control, trust and power are a real rush. The only thing about using my own hands is that it limits me from doing other things with them, which is especially frustrating for me in the early/mid parts of sex.