Saturday, September 25, 2010

He Noticed Finally

Sorry for the disappearing act. Most of the time I could never get any serious alone time with the laptop. Makes it hard to write about certain things when the Boyfriend is likely to pop up over my shoulder any moment. Guess I have also been feeling a little more paranoid lately too. And when I did have some actual alone time, those were times that I just did not feel like writing or thinking or having anything to do with anyone. For those of you wishing me another night out on the town, last night was a veg night. It had been a ridiculously long week filled with way too much drama. The Boyfriend had plans out with his friends. I had the apartment to myself. It was me, ice cream, and the season premiere of Supernatural. Now those are two boys I would love to spend some quality time with.

I am sure the question on everyone's mind is - did the Boyfriend ever finally notice my picture on his cell phone. Yes. I was busy working this week - and I swear it seems that I spend as much time on any given project trying to avoid drama as I do on the actual project itself - when my phone rings. It is the Boyfriend. He does not call very often.

"You are the perfect girlfriend"

I tell him that he can show his appreciation later that evening.

He fixed dinner and led me into the bedroom to have me as dessert. He 'appreciated' to a very pleasant orgasm.


  1. It's about time!!! I'm glad he finally noticed you, and I hope you enjoyed desert. All I have is chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.

  2. That is wonderful that he has now said what you knew all along ;) "perfect girlfriend"
    Personally a big fan of "dessert" after dinner, mmmmm