Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Romantic Thoughts

Some romantic things to have happen for my bucket list:

I would love to be in the kitchen and have my lover put me on the kitchen counter, making love to me right there just because he could not wait long enough to take me into the bedroom.

I would love to make love outside in the rain.

I would love to call my lover home one day for lunch, but then suprise him when he pulls up by placing my nude leg outside the door and me concealed just behind the door.

I would love for my lover to tie me down upon the dining room table and place food and toppings on my bare body, turning me into his personal feast.

I love to for my lover to wake me up in the middle of the night with his need for me so great that he can not wait until the morning. (And of course, I would gladly cooperate).

I do not count the Boyfriend's bending me over in the kitchen that day as making love on the counter. First, I was bent over, not on the counter (technical point, I admit). Second, I was too terrified about having just spent the night with another man to be caught up in romance. And being bent over, while damned fun, is not romantic. I have done the last one once. And welcome having it done a few more times . . . hopefully.


  1. Haven't done it, but want to.

    Haven't done it, but want to. (Does in a car in the rain count?)

    Have had it done for me. It was awesome.

    Haven't done it, but want to.

    Have both done it and had it done to me. Both are awesome.

    And, were I your boyfriend, I'd be perfectly alright with bending you over in the kitchen while you were terrified about having just spent the night with another man, so long as you gave me all the dirty details and we got to do the romantic countertop thing after.

  2. Waking a lover in the middle of the night is an amazing experience. Being awoken is pretty special too. Once I woke up with my cock in my lover's mouth, ger hands lightly scratching my stomach and chest..............

  3. awe...this is sweet. I like the fact this post is about a lover and romantic interludes. It is nice to think of the intimacy part of sex too.

    Right now I feel so starved for sex that it does not even get close to romantic. This was a good reminder about how good that part is too.

  4. This is a great list. I hope you get to do them all and more. It's important to know what you want. I love to be woken in the middle of the night for sex, the few times it has happened. I've been the person doing the waking too but that is not always appreciated by the other person, some people seem to value sleep over intimacy.