Saturday, September 4, 2010

I had way too much to drink last night!!!!

I had way too much to drink last night!

Went out with the girls after work yesterday. It has been a really long time since we have done anything together In time, it was just me and Randi; everyone else having gone home to their families. Randi wanted to dance, so she led me to another place for our fun. Of course, Randi is a country girl which meant my ass was now sitting inside a country bar. I hate country, but after way too many vodka tonics, I had this irrisistible urge to dance to it. The drinks? Randi took care of keeping us supplied with drinks. What that meant though was apparently we had a lot of men to dance with. Clearly, I was way to worked up!!!

I texted Wide Load for a bit - he was all into teasing and sexting, but was not able to do anything more. Oh, this was not going to do at all. I texted the Boyfriend, "you there". Sweet boy, he asked if I was okay. I told him yes, that Randi was riding shotgun and keeping me safe. However, I added that she did not have something I needed. He asked "what". "Your dick", I texted.

I told him, "I NEED you to fuck me tonight". I am sitting her now looking at the texts I sent last night and am shaking my head. It had to be some sex crazed evil spirit that took over by body, not me.

1. Absolutely no talking. Do not even say hello. Just be waiting and ready for me.
2. Be lubed up - you're cumming in my ass tonight.
4. When I start to moan, spank my ass.
5. I would love to suck your dick to get you ready to fuck my ass - but no talking.

I think Randi was involved in some of these texts by now, so its not like I was not being prodded. (And no, she did not see any that went to Wide Load).

She drove me home, which was good. I found him in the bedroom, sitting on the side of the bed, waiting for me, no lights on. I walked right over, dropped to my knees, and began to suck his dick as I promised. This was not about getting him off, this was about getting him hard. I stripped out of my clothing as I was sucking his dick; having fun with it by seeing how much I could get off without having to release him. Quite a bit actually. When he hardened, I went to the nightstand and picked up my vibrator. Getting onto my knees, my face buried into the mattress, I shoved it home. Nothing was said, but I had hoped that my ass pointed up into the air would be enough of a hint for him. It was. A moment later, I had my vibrator in my cunt and his dick in my ass. Oh, God, the fullness is about the only way I know to describe it. I came hard and, just before I started to cum, he began smacking my ass. HARD TOO. Its still red. Not upset now, smiling, I can totally understand his losing control and actually I love that he did. And honestly, I loved him hitting my ass hard then and just feeling him starting to hammer away at my ass with my vibrator still humming away inside of me. It was the perfect end ot a perfect evening.


  1. I honestly think that I should avoid reading your blog when there are people around, I start to squirm and wiggle trying to hide the fact that I'm getting wet and worked up.... That sounds like a great evening. An amazing evening I'd say.

  2. I think it would take an equally long post to describe how much I enjoyed reading this. This could easily be your hottest story ever. Loved the explicit instructions in the text msg and how it played out. Wow!

  3. Wow..really fucking hot. Did he get the dick in your ass on the first try?

    Would you have done the same with Wide Load or do you think something totally different would have happened?

  4. When they finally get around to awarding a Pulitzer prize for blogging excellence, I'm nominating this piece, and you for "Woman of The Year", and I think the AVN has an award for you as well. This is amazing. You are amazing. What a fantastic evening.

  5. Cande: Its only fair. Your current - and past entries I have been catching up on - have led to the Boyfriend getting laid or the toys getting brought out more than once (I just decided to do both this time).

    Marcus: So post (or email), don't just tease me.

    Page: Would not have had any toys available if I'd been with Wide. I never know what's going to happen with him either.

    Advizor: A Pulitzer and an AVN. I'd put both on the shelf side by side. But your praise means more. Thanks

  6. Ok, it's a deal, more than a tease to follow soon!