Monday, December 10, 2012

The Next Day

Tree (I think I like "Tree" better than "CT") passed his first real test.  You know the one.  He got to feel the girl up.  Did he have enough sense to call her the next day?

I am pleased to announce that Tree passed.  He texted (texting counts the same as calling) me Sunday afternoon.  I should probably first note that he passed the first part of the exam by texting me immediately after we got into our respective cars to go our separate ways.  Calling immediately after bought him a few hours to call later in the day on Sunday; otherwise I would have expected him to call Sunday morning.  (Seriously, is anyone only just now realizing that I have issues?)  :)   Here are some edited highlights:
T: I had the most amazing dream last night.
R: About?
T: I dreamed I met this drop dead gorgeous woman who was funny and just amazing.
T: What do you remember the most about last night?  (This is a typical guy thing because men are always comparing and rating instead of just enjoying the whole experience).
R: You tell me first.
T: Nothing can beat seeing you walk up that first time knowing you were coming to go out w me.  (I gave him bonus points for being sweet, but I could not resist messing w him).
R: What, you didn't think squeezing my breasts was memorable?!?!
T: They - YOU - were amazing!!!!
T: I was physically moved by how AMAZING you - AND THEY - were.

R: Hopefully you did not go home in too much discomfort.
T: Some, but it was well worth it.
R: And now, any discomfort,

T: Loads.
T: It was too bad our privacy got interrupted.  (Two other couples had started walking around the lake as well).

R: I didn't tell you to stop.

T: I didn't think you wanted an audience?

R: Why not . . . don't you?


  1. OOOH, you are wonderfully wicked with those last two lines. Now I'm in discomfort, and not just a little.


  2. Advizor: Just the last two? I was trying so hard to be totally wicked throughout.

  3. Sweeet!! Oh and I totally agree about the calling/texting "rules". We're definitely on the same wavelength.