Thursday, December 6, 2012

Harley and Christrmas Tree Man

CT (Christmas Tree) Man has mad skills w texting.  First, he has texted just enough to remain interesting and not enough to be a cell stalker.  Second, he has kept me laughing or, at least, smiling.  I'm saying, if a date can keep me laughing, then his chances of getting into my pants greatly increase.  Third, and I really can not emphasize this enough, he did not get crude.  I do not know why men who read my blog think I really want to read or see pictures about their penis.  And finally, he has not really pressed me to hang out w him.  I have to admit - I'm wondering what me might be like in person.
Harley, on the other hand, is like the antithesis of CT.  He does not have mad skills w texting and he disappears frequently for several days at a time and hurt feelings do not lead to me laughing; yet my pants can't seem to fly off fast enough when Harley's around.  Yesterday eveing, after work, I am out shopping.  I have not heard from Harley since the beginning of last week.  My cell starts ringing and it's him.  Okay, I will give Harley his props - he's actually a damned good talker.    I realize from his comments that he must be able to see me, so I'm spinning around trying to spot him in the parking lot.  I know I am doing a really horrible job describing this.  I don't want to say too much.  Basically, he was off-duty and moonlighting as security for some property across the street.  He said he was taking a dinner break in a little while and asked me to keep him company.  I brought him a couple of bacon double cheeseburgers and he led us to a private outside table for a picnic of sorts.  It was beautiful there.  The table faced a small lake w a lighted fountain and it was completely enclosed by tall bushes.  I really could not hear the nearby traffic because of the fountain.  And it changed colors.  It was just a beautiful evening.  It should not surprise anyone then, that before Harley was done w his break, I was bent over the table, facing the fountain, pants around my ankles, while he rode me from behind.  I honestly could not have been happier. 

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  1. That is the best shopping trip/dinner break I've ever heard of.

    :-) Christmas is off to a good start.