Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wide Load's Birthday

I slept in this morning. I have the apartment to myself. And I am having a fantastic breakfast – peanut butter on graham crackers. Am I living or what!

I had to go out of town for business this past December and I wanted Wide Load to come with me again. His birthday is in December and I wanted to do something special for him. We stopped for breakfast – nothing nearly as good as peanut butter on graham crackers – and I told him my surprise. I was going to take him into a lingerie store and would buy whatever he liked for me to wear for him. Okay, maybe not the most creative gift in the word and maybe not all that special, but he seemed extremely pleased. In fact, he was ready to get up from breakfast then to go shopping and, if you knew Wide Load, you would know that nothing gets between him and food, so I feeling rather pleased with myself. (I have a picture – which means “yes” that I let him take a picture – and I might upload it, but pictures make me feel embarrassed and this picture really makes me feel self-conscious). Selection made, we finished the drive and I went off to do the work thing. The evening could not arrive fast enough. We went out to dinner and I am sorry for sounding boring, but there is a point to all of this. The waitress was beautiful; short with long black hair. And she was being very attentive to Wide Load. Wide Load was being attentive to me, so I was not really feeling jealous. Instead, and I blame the alcohol for me starting this, I asked him if he wanted a three-way. The previously mentioned alcohol makes it hard for me to remember everything that was said, but I remember the gist of it pretty well. He laughed and said, “Rachel, she is hitting on you, not me”. I think I choked on my drink he got me to laughing so hard with that one. We talked more about threesomes and fantasies. I remember his saying all the right things about not needing another woman when he was with me. He said something about threesomes not being his number one fantasy which then meant that that I had to have him list his fantasies. Someday I may tell you his number one fantasy – after we get around to doing it, that is. We traded telling fantasies, but I told him that I did not believe him about the three-way. He said he would not “REFUSE IT”, but that he would never ask for it either. I smiled at him and said “I’d do it for you”. It was his turn to choke on his drink. We joked around and drank more and I asked him what he wanted from me that night on his fantasy list. He said he wanted the world tour with Rachel. I knew exactly what he meant, but I enjoy hearing him tell me what he wants from me and my body. He wanted to cum in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass that night. Laughing, I told him that we had probably better leave to get started if he wanted to do all that “traveling” in one night. Wide Load got his ‘around the Rachel world tour’ and it was a very long night for me. I say that smiling.