Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bet Fully Paid

I may not be “The Blowjob Queen”, but I think eight blowjobs in eight days makes me “a blowjob queen”.

Wide Load had us train our legs like demons. Sunday was four days ago and my legs only just stopped feeling sore. In Wide Load’s world, that means it is about time to go back and hurt them all over again. I do this why? But I digress. When we finished, he took us around to front office and I figured that I knew what he was up too, but he surprised me. He had me sit down while he made us each a protien shake. Then, he disappearred for a moment only to return with a Snickers candy bar unwrapped on a plate with a lit red birthday candle sticking out of its center. You can laugh – I did – but it was sweet. I said something about not needing the calories and he said that chocolate does not have calories on holidays. So, the two of us sat there, in our post workout glow, drinking our protien shakes and splitting the rare non-fattening holiday Snickers.

I joked, as the Snickers was nearly gone (they do not last nearly long enough), that it was probably about time for me to finish paying off my debt. Not for the first time, Wide Load offered to let me out of the bet. Ignoring him, I lowered myself down onto my knees while he stood behind the counter. Keep in mind, just in front of the counter were HUGE glass windows. The counter itself is wood and you can not see through it however. And, with the sun, you can not see through the window tinting either. After seven days of sucking his dick, I did not see any point to being coy, so I simply pulled down his pants and took him into my mouth. I think I prefer taking a man into my mouth when he is soft. I liked feeling Wide Load get hard between my lips. I liked looking up at him and watching him look down at me. It is hard to describe what it feels like to me having him get hard in my mouth and having him look down at me. And when he came, I made it a point not to let go of him until every drop was in me.

And yes, I said eight blowjobs in eight days. The bet with Wide Load was for a week. There was a bet with the Boyfriend too and he collected in the fourth quarter. Damned Packers!


  1. oh my, yep, you're the queen!! and good for you working those legs .. it's a good kinda pain huh?! lol

  2. What a terrific end to a wonderful bet. I'm rooting for the Packers from now on...

  3. Though I am a Steelers fan, sounds like a win-win to me!

  4. So how many men got these 8 blowjobs?