Saturday, February 12, 2011

Damned Packers!

Going to the gym this week has been a challenge for two reasons. One, I just ain’t had the drive to go. Two, and this is the part that really sucks, I made a bet that I have had to pay off every night for the past week. Damned Packers!

Feeling a bit confident about Big Ben and my Steelers, I did not hesitate when Wide Load asked if I wanted to make it more interesting. No money. Winner got whatever they wanted. I laughed and said I knew what he wanted. I rather dumbly added that this did not seem like much of a bet. I never seem to know when to shut up. Wide quickly added then that the winner got oral every day for one straight week. I asked him if he could really handle getting me off every night and his going home suffering. Do not guess I will ever know. Damned Packers!

I just returned from the gym and paying off my debt. Oh yeah, he still makes me work out first. The bastard.

Tomorrow is day seven.


  1. I think you got off easy. My bet would have been for a month.

  2. LOL!!! Now that is a bet that would be fun to collect. Makes me sad though, I was cheering for the Packers, but now I'd much rather have heard about your fun than his.

    What do you want to wager on the NBA finals?