Thursday, October 28, 2010

Less Rants, More Sex

My "Half Naked Thursday" is going to be verbal as opposed to a picture. Sorry guys. :) My rant yesterday evening should be a hint to something about me, something I really do try pretty hard to control. What's that? I have a temper. Well, it has been said that I have a temper; I think I can just be 'misunderstood'. In case I am not being obvious enough in that last sentence, I am joking. Yes, I have a temper. And no, it is not something of which I am proud. I do try to control it. The Boyfriend practically never bears the brunt of it. Wide Load has maybe dealt with it once or twice. He can be such a butt though. Truthfully, no one has ever said once that I have a temper. I guess a nice pair of breasts and legs help me out in that area. But, I know it about myself even if no one points it out to me. I seem to do anger either not at all or full out pedal to the metal. Someone got on my nerves yesterday and what I intended as a minor rant became a full blown explosion. Now, this may sound weird, but in this particular instance I am not apologizing for the rant. The source of my frustration yesterday never did get that it was not what he said that was the issue - but the way he said it. His inability to take responsibility for his behavior is kind of what leads me to writing this tonight. I let someone else take control over how I was feeling. It does not matter how much of a jerk he was being - I was feeling pretty good that day and should not have let someone else have that much power, especially someone I did not even know. After reading everyone's kind remarks, I think I am going to remove the post. Again, not because I am sorry for how he feels or anything of that sort - but because my rant takes away from what I wanted this blog to be about. I am not sure any of this makes any sense. Maybe I am speaking - writing - gibberish. It makes sense in my brain; I am just not sure that I am conveying that sense down through my fingers into my typing. I want a relatiionship that is about passion. But the passion I want is not anger. So, I want to take a back step and refocus here. Long story short - less rants, more sex (thought you guys would prefer me to sum it up).

And again, thanks to everyone for all your kind remarks.

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  1. Awww man, I totally misread the link on my "dashboard" thingy - I thought this post was titled, "Less PANTS, More Sex"

    I guess I just see what I wanna see sometimes...