Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Sex

I detest being cold. Give me sweat any time. All summer (Florida only has two seasons, summer and winter), I listen to people bitch about how hot it is. I love it. The hotter the better, I say. Right now, it is 51 degrees outside. I am in HELL. I am so cold and that is with the heater jacked up and me wearing layers of clothing.

Fortunately, Halloween was a lot warmer.

I had planned a fairly sedate Halloween. I was going to walk along with a girlfriend of mine while she took her two kids "trick or treating". I had not been since I was a kid and was looking forward to it. I was not planning on dressing up, but at the last minute her kids really wanted her to dress up too. She did not want to do it alone and called to beg me to dress up too; I guess thinking that she'd look less foolish if I was looking foolish right there beside her. She decided to go as GI Jane (her husband is on deployment in Afghanistan). It was hard to be creative at the last minute. I put on a short black dress, black nylons, heels, and borrowed a black hat from the neighors kids to go as a witch.

The Boyfriend seemed to like it. He asked, "are you a good witch or a bad witch". I responded with "I am a naughty witch". That was essentially the end of his come on, but I knew him well enough to know he was hoping to get laid later with me still in constume.

I am headed over to my girlfriends when, not really thinking, I call Wide Load on an impulse. It was not that unusual. I typically call him whenever I have a few minutes. I was not surprised that he was at the gym. When he learned I was in costume, he would not stop until I agreed to stop and show him. I had thought to stay outside, but he was having none of it and all but carried me inside. Inside, he did carry me and lifted me onto the counter for him to kiss while he stood between my spread legs. (Oh, in case you are wondering, the gym was closed, we were not performing in front of others, no one was there – Wide Load apparently gets a key to any gym he has ever belonged too). Standing between my legs, I could feel what he wanted. To be honest, I wanted it too. But I also knew what the Boyfriend was expecting later as well. Yes, I have fucked two guys in the same day and gotten away with it. But, I did not feel like pushing my luck. I could see the Boyfriend pulling off my panties and askng what this big load of cum was doing there. Wide Load was not one to push the issue. But I did not like the thought of leaving him like that either. I got off the counter and got down onto my knees for him. He knew what I was offering and he did not hesitate to lower his pants for me to suck his dick. One thing about gyms is that they have mirrors everywhere. Out of the corner of my eye, I could just see myself, in full witches gear, on my knees with Wide Load standing in front of me and his dick in my mouth. It was kind of sexy looking, I thought.

Mission accomplished, I rushed off to go "trick or treating". It was a blast and her kids were a delight. She lived in a fantastic "trick or treating" neighborhood. GI Jane and I were also a big hit everywhere.

I returned home to the Boyfriend. Some time had passed so I was not sure he would still be in the mood. It is like that with him. I guess though he really liked the costume (and please note it was entirely G rated, okay), because he asked if it was his turn for "trick or treating" when I walked in.


  1. Having sex in a gym sounds really hot. All the mirrors everywhere, as well as the pads on the floor, and all the benches make for some interesting possibilities.

  2. It's nice to remember why Halloween is my favorite time of year!!!