Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Couple in the Parking Lot

Last Saturday was a beautiful day. The sky was just the right shade of blue. It was warm without being stifling hot. The sun felt good on your skin. All in all it was the kind of day to be outside doing something. The Boyfriend asked me to go with him on a few errands and I was more than willing to keep him company. Ah yes, but he left out one of his intended stops. I won't go into details, but he can get lost in there for hours at a time. Instead, I had him get me a milkshake from a drive thru for me to sit in the car while he did his thing inside the store. He parked far out into the lot under a big shade tree, gave me a peck on the cheek, then trekked into the store. I was not paying attention to much of anything when two cars pulled in together and parked just in front of me under another shade tree. It was a man and a woman. She got out of her car and almost skipped to get into the passenger side of his car. Right or wrong, I immediately thought it was a couple having an affair and they were trying to have a private rendevous in the middle of the day. Smiling, I tried to sneak a peak through his rear window without being too obvious about it. A few moments later, the screaming began. She jumped out of his car and almost ran back to her car door. He rushed out and I, for a moment, thought he was going to attack her. I debated calling 911. I was worried for her, so now I have reason to give a watchful eye. Before too long, I realized he was the one that was probably more in danger. She was wild. It was impossible not to hear. My windows were down and we were not that far apart. She was pissed. I was not sure what he had done, but I knew this much – he needed to stay out of swinging range. Every other word out of her mouth was "fuck". She ripped him a new asshole. I really couldn't hear him say much. I am not saying he was being the saint here, just that he was not yelling. I gathered, from her yelling, that she felt he was being needy and trying to be manipulative and attention-seeking. That's my summation. She described it more like, "you're being the fucking girl with all your fucking feelings". This went on for almost a half hour. She was in his face. She never actually touched him though. While I could not actually hear him, what I could see of his face and body language suggested he was being equally a pain in the ass. She hollered why he couldn't just love what they had without trying to be possessive and demanding. She kept saying they were done, said it repeatedly actually, except she never left. Then I could hear her tone change. She was still loud, but her voice was getting softer and less angry. She sat down on his trunk and said, loud enough to hear, "you get me so wound up all the time and then I am wrung out". I got the feeling then that they'd been through this dance before and that, if he danced his part right, he would be getting laid before too long. She became more, to sound stereotypical for a moment, 'girly' with her giggling and gently touching him then. The Boyfriend returned at this point, so I will never know how it finished, but I am pretty sure . . . . unless he started in with his "fucking feelings" again . . . that he was going to get some positive attention (you know, laid).

Why tell this story. Mostly because it was something I did see happen and it interested me. Partly because there were some obvious games being played, though I am not exactly sure who was playing what. It looked like they had their male/female roles reversed. And it also looked like something he maybe did from time to time to get some attention – even being yelled at is better than being ignored. And if it had been a guy yelling, instead of the girl, would I have called the police?

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  1. Hmmm interesting chain of events... I wonder what was going on. It sounds like he was definitely going to get some. I'm willing to bet that they were casual sex partners and he is getting "attached".... but she likes having sex with him so they just battle it out each time.

    If it was him yelling, as long as he didn't hit her, I doubt you'd have called emergency. But it would have seemed more traumatic for sure.