Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Biketoberfest Sex

I have been inundated with the question – “what happened at Biketoberfest”. Well, truth be told, it is a bit of a blur to me. Yes, I had a little bit to drink. Okay, maybe more than a little bit. :) I do not know how exciting I was – though Wide Load certainly did not complain any – but let me try to dig through the haze and pull out some details.

The second most frequently asked question was, “was I wearing panties”. Yes and no. Yes, I was wearing panties when the day began. No, I was not wearing panties by the end of the day. Wide Load was buying me drinks and driving me nuts by running his hands up my ass. It seemed like a brilliant idea to my beer addled brain to take my thong off when I went to the bathroom at some point and to surprise him with it by putting it into his hand. The fun I had surprising him, his laugh, and the kiss that followed made it all worth it. What I did not realize was that he had taken my thong and tied it around his sleeve, so basically the entire world could see that I was not wearing my panties any longer. I suppose that should also tell you how far gone I was to not have noticed for what was a very long time. And do not ask me – I do not know if I was or was not wearing them by the time of the pictures I posted. I seem to recall that as being fairly late into the day, so I am thinking I was going commando by then.

Now, as for did Wide Load get lucky? Wide Load was “lucky” the day he met me. :) I mean, after all, how many other women would dress the role for their man. But, as for did he score . . . well, duh? Slutty Catholic School Girl . . . add alcohol . . . the more correct question would be how often did Wide Load get lucky? A lot actually. Things began slow though. It kind of surprised me, but he was being the conservative one. I pulled him back to the truck at one point. I put him into the driver's seat, opened his pants, and straddled him. He slipped right inside of me like I was designed just especially for him to be inside. I was definitely without panties by this time and I can not tell you how much more naughty I felt walking around with his cum dripping out of me. Not much more happened until we left for where we were staying over-night. I tried to give him road head, but he stopped me. He apparently has had some bad luck with getting pulled over by the police. Never any tickets, but he says he just gets pulled over too much to risk it (he had stopped drinking hours earlier too for much the same reason whereas I was still feeling no pain). But I did get to torture him on the drive. I enjoyed it because I knew he would exact his revenge when we stopped. Which he did, time after time after time. :) :) :)

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