Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Bruise

I promised a post on the bruise upon my leg.

I will say I am sorry now to all the guys who wrote hoping to hear about some wild night. Sadly, the truth is considerably more tame.

On the night before I took the picture, the Boyfriend was feeling horny. I have described before how he gets when he is horny. He puts so much effort into trying to be subtle while finding out if I am in the mood or if he can entice me into being in the mood. Sometimes, his machinations are annoying. Other times, I find him amusing, like he's going through this pre-getting-laid dance for me. The poor dear has just never figured out that I am pretty much always in the mood and that, even if I wasn't, that I would still be open to being the perfect girlfriend for him. Well, unfortunately for the Boyfriend, the other night I found his ritual to be annoying. Do not misunderstand me, he was going to get laid, I just wanted to get it over with.

Let me repeat that last line – "I just wanted to get it over with".

I sometimes think I am God's little amusement toy. "Oh, Rachel wants it to end fast, well let me see what I can do about that!"

The more attentive reader will recall how I said that every once in a while how the Boyfriend gets these erections that just do not go away. Diamondcutters. And I was the diamond.

We began normally enough. He tried to be very attentive to my needs. I moved him past that. His getting off quickly was my mission. Hands and knees always seems to be a crowd pleaser, so I got into position and he slid into Rachel to take care of business. Yeah, this went on for a long time. How long? Well, the Boyfriend is not one who changes position much. We moved around so much that I could not even begin to tell you all the positions. Doggie, bent over, missionary, bj, me on top, me straddling him on the sofa (yep, he even pulled me into other rooms), on and on and on. So much for end this quickly, huh. Sweat was pouring off the Boyfriend. I know this because of all the sweat that dripped onto me whenever he was astride me. I will admit that he exhausted me. I reached the point that I was just there for him. He moved me and I went with him. I know he passed the two hour mark. Believe me or not. We started before Glee and I fully expected to be back before it ended. I could hear (we didn't turn the tv off) the 10:00 news coming on long before he finally finished. I imagine my eyes were rolling around in my head. This went on and on and on.

The bruise? Well, I can not say for sure, but I suspect it came towards the end. He had pulled me back into the bedroom and had me on my back in the bed. I have said many times before that his favorite position is me on my back with him holding my legs high over my head. I had been in this position several times already that night. First, though, hee threw me – I really was pretty much a limp rag at this point – onto my back on the bed. This time, he was standing on the side of the bed and I was laying across the bed. He lifted my legs up – not resting on his shoulders – and he held them by the thighs with his hands. From there, he rode me hard some more. He stopped riding gently more than an hour ago. I suspect the bruise on my thigh came then. I have corresponding hand grips upon my ass too.

He finished by moving me back onto the bed and lifting my legs high up over my head. I could tell that he was exhausted himself as well. I actually felt bad for him. He wanted to finish inside of me so badly and it just wasn't going to happen. I just looked up into his eyes. I remember him looking down into mine then. He took hold of the headboard, which was unusual. He later told me that his arms just couldn't hold him up anymore. He just hung there with his upper body over me and his dick buried inside of me. He didn't thrust anymore, but just rocked along with his weight because of the way he was positioned. My ankles were under his arms which meant my toes were also touching the headboard way back behind my head. He just kept looking down in my eyes. He seemed to enjoy that so much that I never dreamed of taking my eyes off of him. I looked up at him. In hindsight, I think he liked me looking so submissive for him. I knew when he felt something building inside of him. I almost tried to find the energy to rock with him, but then decided he was enjoying the way he was doing me right then. So, I lay there, continuing to look up into his face. He had closed his eyes by now, but would sometimes open them just enough to see if I was still looking. He rocked and rocked and then the most peaceful look came and I knew he was a second from cumming inside of me. He did and we lay there for the longest time afterwards. We didn't move until he finally slipped out of me.


  1. Hot! I enjoyed that! A bruise worth receiving?

  2. It's certainly not that tame! getting incessantly drilled by boyfriend for two straight hours. Sounds like it was satisfying and you didn't mind at all submitting. Would you want two hour sessions more often or would it get wearing after a while?

  3. I have to think that it was the final, intensly personal connection of you looking into his eyes that allowed him to finish. The positions, the rooms, variety are all trumped by connecting with you, his lover, instead of the sexual gymnastics. There are moments, more lately than not, when I want my wife to keep her eyes open when she cums, sometimes she can't help but close them, but if feels different, special, when we see each other at that moment.

    I think a bruise is a small (and cute) price to pay for that final moment.

  4. oh man... This sounds like a marathon. And I wouldn't really call that "tame" either.... xoxo