Friday, October 25, 2013


Story One

The Old One picked his way carefully across the cemetery; mindful to avoid walking across the honored warriors buried beneath the ground and equally cautious to avoid treading upon the dead warriors scattered above the ground.  The latter would soon be joining the former in this holy ground.  The victory was costly.  He silently prayed the spilled was worth it.
The Old One, w the spilled blood still warm, extended the invitation to discuss surrender at nightfall.  Walking to meet their war lord, he remembered waiting w General Lee for Grant at Appomattox Court House.  He remembered  Lee being resplendent in his dress Greys.  Lee was ever the gentleman.  Grant arrived straight from the battlefield, muddy and rumpled, in his Union Blues.  The Old One approached the agreed upon location to discuss terms of surrender, a specified grave site he knew well from his past.  He laughed silently at his memory of Lee and Grant.  Like the Yankee General, he was walking muddied and rumpled straight from the battlefield.  He wondered if his opponent would assume the role of a resplendent Lee.

The defeated war lord was no Lee, but then who was he thought.  He stood waiting and he was not alone.  His wife had joined him.

And she was naked.

"I had not thought you would come", she said from her perch.

"Given your dress, I rather suspect you DID think I would come," he challenged. 

She smiled demurely, which only emphasized her nakedness all the more, before responding, "given the circumstances, it seemed appropriate".

The Old One said nothing in response, instead turning to the defeated war lord who asked, "your terms, sir?"

"You and your army need only take an 'Oath of Loyalty' to the Pack".

"You are as kind as you are strong sir.  I thank you on behalf of my young pups".

"And me" she asked from her perch.

Silence was his response.

Jumping down, she slowly walked to him.  She stood in front of him, neither of them saying a word, for the longest time.  "You've changed", she said softly.

"Broken hearts do that".

She maybe thought of saying more, but realized more words would have been wasted.  For her, there was but one thing to do.  Getting onto her knees, she whispered, " I submit, Old One".


Story Two

Cemeteries turned her on.  He did not know what it was about them.  He could buy her roses or bring her a fresh kill; nothing compared to how wet she became in a cemetery. 

Cemeteries made her wet . . . and wild.  He really liked the wild.  She became a beast.  And when she became a beast, then he was free to go full wolf.

Tonight, she had been especially wet . . . and wild.

They wrestled fairly aggressively for a long while before he spun her around onto her hands and knees.  Then he entered her from behind.  Riding her, her hips firmly in his grasp, he began to growl louder and louder.  He brought the wolf then. Literally.  One moment, he was a young man riding his girlfriend, the next he was the wolf claiming his bitch.

Afterwards, she perched atop a headstone, looking down upon his tired and pleased body, in triumph.  She had done this to him.   

But then she wanted more.

"You could become one of the Pack warriors if you wanted . . . maybe one of the sub-leaders".  She saw herself being supportive.  He didn't.

"I'm happy now though . . . I'm not interested in that", he tried to tell her again.  It was not a new argument for them.  He did not like conflict and had no desire for power.  He was happy being in the background.  But, she wanted power and status.  And she did not understand anyone who did not want the same.

They ended the discussion that night like they did every night - w a kiss and mournful parting.  But, as he watched her leave him that night, he knew, there would be no more invitations to meet at nightfall.  He wasn't enough.

He watched her walk away that evening; neither of them knowing that he would one day become far more than a mere warrior for the Pack.

The Old One was not always the Old One.  He was once young.  And this was the day his heart was broken.



  1. YES YES YES!!! Now those made me shiver! Excellent work, a great pair of stories!!! I love the historical references and the ambiguity around timing of the old one.... LOVE IT!

  2. Perfect for this time of year! I loved the second...felt like a back story, filling in gaps.