Friday, October 11, 2013


He hated her.
He hated those damned earrings her gave her.
She'd ruined his life.
But men could not be sexually harassed.  And especially not by a drop dead gorgeous woman . . . now matter how big a soul sucking bitch she was.
He'd lost his wife, his family, his home, and even his fucking collection of Superman comic books because his wife demanded those in the divorce.  He'd lost his reputation.  At work, everyone saw him as "her boy" . . . no matter that he earned this job long before she was hired and not a damned one of them could put up w her behind closed doors.
But no more.
Tyler Durden understood, "he that's lost everything is free to do anything".
Commanded again to perform, he 'encouraged' her to bend over her desk.  Grim faced, he flipped his tie over his shoulder and slid into her.  Slipping into her, he decided this was the last time. 
"How does she always manage to be so wet?" 
He lubed himself up on her wetness more for him than her pleasure.  Holding her firmly across her desk, he pulled all the way out of her.  Eyeing his goal, he smiled, she did not know what was coming.
When he began pressing back inside of her, it was her ass he was claiming.
She started to move away, but was trapped in his grip against the desk. 
Fucking her ass until he was done w her, he said, "consider this my resignation".


  1. Oh man oh mam...., that's the best resignation letter ever.he finally learned that he could give it as good as take it.thank you for joining in. It's always a pleasure to have you on the list.

  2. wow! nothing like a man taking control to turn you on...

  3. Loved the tone -- you wrote with the same grim determination he had on his face. Loved it.

  4. Your dark words made perfect sense to me... and fit the photo so well! Great FFFing with you!

  5. Now that DOES sound like something Tyler Durden would do!!!



  6. Same sassy girl said it well. The piece's intense tone aptly fits the picture and completely conveys the story's second word: hate.

  7. Oh my! What a turn around. Wham! A nice dark nasty bit of revenge.