Thursday, October 3, 2013


"Who does this remind you of", Therapist asked the group.
It was a bizarre group.  A group of women, all w man issues, in a group being led by a man.  Sometimes, to get things started, he would show them a picture and ask them what it reminded them of.  Since it was a bizarre group - he showed bizarre pictures.  Her favorite had to be the angel sitting at a table drinking Jack straight from the bottle.  It reminded her of her. 
Most described a fight w their boyfriend.  One where he apologized for whatever sin he had committed, thought they would want to immediately spread their legs, then whining w insistence till they said yes.
"Rachel", Therapist asked turning to her.
"After a fight", someone prompted.
"I see photo guy being like my boyfriends - all but for Harley -  asking to fuck; then whining if I'm not in the mood." 
"You thought of Harley because he is not like all the others," Therapist said, "what does he do that's different".
"He doesn't ask".


  1. No wonder you liked him so much.

    :-) I love the emotional content in your piece this week. Most of us just write fluffy mashed potato pieces but yours comes across like a well sizzled steak. Excellent.

  2. Oooh..nice! Yay for the takers! Have a good weekend!

  3. Great take! It's always fun to surprise the therapist. Happy FFF!

  4. Like the unusual therapy, I would go to it