Saturday, July 27, 2013


She was on the trail of the biggest story of her career.  "Hell", she thought, "of anyone's career".  It was her Watergate.  But she needed inside information.  She needed a "Deep Throat".
She cornered the detective in the gym.  It was the perfect set up.  No one was there and he was not expecting it.  But he wouldn't talk.  "Off the record", she finally said.

"Sorry", he responded, looking at her w suspicion, "I don't trust you not to have a digital recorder".

"Search me", she offered seductively.

"I have a better idea", he said smiling, then led her into the men's locker room.  She shrugged her shoulders and followed - she really wanted the story.  Moments later, she stood naked in the shower.

"Satisfied", she said, "no possible way I have any electronic devices on me".

"You do appear to be clean", he said smugly.

"So, you'll answer a few questions for me . . . off the record . . . just to head me in the right direction".

"Um, all we've agreed to is 'off the record' . . . you haven't told me what I'm getting out of this yet".

"Satisfaction w knowing that you helped maintain an informed public?"

"Yeah, don't care".

"What then", she asked, already getting down onto her knees.  She began the night needing a "Deep Throat".  She did not know she was going to be the deep throat.


  1. every good News story needs a deep throat, in fact most stories could use one. I'm glad it was her. I like how the tables got turned and how she took things into her own hands to solve the problem. Great story. Thanks again for joining in.

  2. Deep throat... mmmm.... I adore how you twisted that around! So great FFFing with you!

  3. Y'all are too kind. I appreciate it.