Friday, July 19, 2013


The ingenue looked into the mirror at her dressing table.  She half expected to see the director walking through  door into her room.  Although, it could have also been the producer or the play's leading man.  God knows each bitched often enough about how she failed to meet this cue or failed to give that line right.  She wished they would just all come at once and get it over with so that she didn't need to listen to it over and over again.  She was surprised when it was none of the above.  Instead, it was the producer's manservant.

"Master says you - and I quote - fucked it all up again tonight".
She continued to remove her make-up and saw no reason to respond.  She was not going to get cut, no matter how badly she performed; not as long as she was her mother's daughter.  And mom, she thought glancing at the clock, was probably on her knees right about then thanking step-daddy for being such a wonderful provider and being the primary investor for  the God-awful play her daughter for which her daughter had surprisingly been cast.  If the producer wanted to bitch at her, let him man up and come do it himself - she was not going to deal w a servant.  At least, that had been her thinking.  James apparently had different way of thinking.

He pressed her forward onto the dresser and into the mirror, then he lifted her up by her costume until her ass was in the air.  "Master wanted to know since you are so proficient in fucking up his play if you are equally talented in fucking.  I proposed I would find out".

When he released her to remove his "interrigation instrument", she started to stand up immediately.  He smacked her ass, pressing her back into position, and said "no".  She opened her mouth to scream.  He smacked her ass - harder this time - and said, "I said NO".

"Yes sir" was her only response.


Share an experience that happened at a performance?  I'm not sure if I'm an exhibitionist or if I just end up in situations; either way, there have been a few experiences surrounding performances.  The first one that comes to mind is w Harley.  He took me back to my high school for a football game.  And in keeping w the spirit of high school, we left early to make out in his truck.


  1. yum. such a great submission story.... exactly the type I like.

  2. I try to anticipate where a story is going when I read. And I couldn't. Thank you for keeping me guessing!

  3. It really warms my heart (as well as other bits) to see your name back on the FFF list! Thanks for a great story. And making out during a football game counts, I'm sure Harly had to perform...

    :-) Welcome back!

  4. So great to see you back, and read your sexy words! Happy FFF!