Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bend Me Over The Bed

I have been working on a post about my first time w Harley and . . . well . . . it caused a bit of a problem.  Let's just say that things have been a bit damp.  And if Daddy is home, then I have to keep checking that I don't have a huge wet spot in my crotch.  I needed help!!!  Laughing.
The obvious thing to do was call Harley.  Yeah, not so much.  The last few texts I sent to him got the one-word response back.  A buzz-kill I did not want.  I wanted someone that would pay attention to me - Yep, that means the Boyfriend. 
So, I called the Boyfriend.  What I wanted to say was, "will you bend me over and just fuck me".  What I did say was, "have you had breakfast yet?"  He said no and I told him I'd be right over.  I'm not sure what was driving me crazier - the anxiety or the growing wet spot on my pants.

He met me at his door expecting us to go out for breakfast.  My heart about to explode and no way I could just tell him what I wanted, I took his hand and directed him back inside to his bedroom.  I pushed him onto the bed, straddled him, and kissed him.  He smiled up at me, "did you want something?"  "GOD YES", I thought and of course didn't say.  Finally, I just worked up the courage to tell him.  Bend me over the bed.  Fuck me.  Don't ask, just take.
He's not great at it, but given the right amount of encouragement, Boyfriend can become somewhat aggressive.  He rolled me over and began removing my clothes.  I love being naked before my lover.  He pulled me up and told me to get onto my knees.  Then he lowered his pants.  Apparently, he was not fully prepared for me yet (smiling).  I took him between my lips and enjoyed the sensation of him becoming erect in my mouth.  After a bit, he stood me up and bent me over the bed.  In an added nice touch, he took my hands and put them behind my back.  And there I stood, waiting for him.  It was a strange feeling being in that position and not being able to see what he was doing. 

Eventually, he positioned himself up behind me and took hold of my hands behind my back.  He found my entry and pushed himself in.  I love that initially feeling of fullness. 

The Boyfriend simply stood behind me, w me impaled upon him, enjoying that initial feeling w me.  Then he began to fuck me.  No gentle increase in rhythm.  No tender words, "does that feel good".  Just full on hammer time.  In a few moments, he told me to get onto my knees on the edge of the bed.  Sliding back inside of me, he took hold of my hips rather than my hands.  He gripped my hips as hard as he was thrusting - which was pretty damned hard!!!  To be ridden as hard as possible was exactly what I wanted.  My head to the bed, my ass in the air, I just enjoyed it. 

Now, maybe I can finish my other post.


  1. OH GOD YES...... ok... thanks... I may take inspiration from this very soon........

  2. Phoenix: Thank you.

    Cande: Please do!!! But please tell me about it when you do!!! Laughing.

  3. Cande, tell us ALL about it when you do. See! This is what sisterhood is all about.

    Love this post, loved the wet spot, the urgency, the "shut up and do me" attitude.

    You rock!!!