Monday, July 18, 2011

Coming Back

Hey there,

God has a funny way of letting you know, when you think you are really busy, just ‘how busy’ you really aren’t and, when you think you are stressed out, just how little stress you really do have. Just before I last disappeared, I was complaining – okay, I was whining – about being pulled into too many different directions and to being way over-stressed. A very short time later, I was considering those the good ole days and wishing for them back.

Mom and Dad were in a car accident in another city; a drunk driver T-Boned them at an intersection. They were okay. Well, they survived. The car was totaled. Fortunately, my Dad is old school and has always insisted on driving land yachts. Mom was bruised and cut up, but mostly okay. Dad was a different matter; his hip was busted, his ankle was broken, he had cuts everywhere to the degree that they sometimes are still pulling glass out of him. He was on a ventilator for a little while too. I guess that was when I thought he might die. A few days later, one of the few times she agreed to go home for a little while, Mom had a heart attack. She's okay . . . now. For a while there, I had Mom and Dad each in a different city in different hospitals. Different rehabs, therapy schedules, it went on like this for a long time. Please understand that I am not complaining - I hope it does not sound like I am whining - because they were the ones hurt and I am just grateful they survived everything. They are both at home now and their lives seem to be returning to normal. Anyway, that's where I have been.

Things remain about the same in my life. The Boyfriend was a great help during all of this. However, he remains pretty much as affectionate and caring as he always has been which is to say barely at all. We finally took that birthday weekend trip he had wanted. The weekend we were supposed to go away for his birthday was the same weekend my parents had their accident, so of course it was postponed. I think I am going to try to write about that weekend trip next. It certainly did have its surprises. Things have become strained with Wide Load. Some days, between us, it feels like it always did. Some days, we seem to be in different worlds. We have had some moments, good and bad, about which I will write as well.



  1. Welcome back.

    Life brings out the best in us when we have to care for those around us. Your parents raised a good daughter.

  2. I think you're handling things really well... not including your job, etc... take your time and blog when you can... I'm sure everyone here will understand.

  3. Hey, You're an amazing woman. I'd be complaining and whining.... I'd make things look like I was the victim! But you, you're just saying things how they are. total admiration here.... I hope things are back to normal now. And I'm really glad you're back! xoxo HUGS!

  4. Thanks for checking back in. Sorry to hear about all of the troubles. It is things like that which really puts life into perspective.
    You are a strong person for getting through it all.