Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Boyfriend's Birthday Present(s) II

Almost naked - I had put a bow over each breast and one between my legs – I came out of the bathroom. Walking casually towards the bed, I then crawled onto it, beside him, and asked what else he would like for his birthday. We have been together a while, meaning that I know him pretty well, so I did not really anticipate an answer. Instead, I began undoing his pants and asked, “Would you like a blowjob”. He was soft and I was actually kind of looking forward to this. I wanted the feeling of getting him hard inside of my mouth. It’s an interesting feeling taking something so soft between my lips and feeling it harden inside of my mouth. I wanted him to watch me, so I made sure to stay on my knees, kind of curled up into a ball beside him, with my hair pulled out of the way, and his head propped on a pillow. I could see him out of the corner of my eye. He was clearly enjoying the visual. If I had any doubt about that, his hardening dick in my mouth made it obvious. We went on like this for a while. He was not making any efforts towards moving me, so I had an idea how this was going to end. Well, I thought resignedly, it was his birthday present after all. I took his dick out of my mouth just long enough to ask, “Did you want to cum in my mouth?” He nodded his head. I stopped because now I wanted a kiss first. Isn’t that just the way of it - Have a pretty girl blowing your dick and she wants to stop for a kiss. I crawled up towards him and gave him a deep kiss. “You’re going to actually have to tell me though”, I said playfully. He was being hesitant, so I simply stayed there beside him on my knees looking into his face, almost nose to nose. I think I even made a funny face. Finally, he said, “I want to cum in your mouth”. I started to move, and then decided to be cruel. “Did you want me to swallow too?” I swear that I heard him groan. Hesitantly, he said, “Rachel, I want to finish in your mouth and I want you to swallow me”. Smiling, I returned to sucking his dick. I moved myself around a bit so I could look up better into his eyes. I do not know, I just wanted to see his face when he came in me. Using my hand as well, I bobbed up and down his length. The pre-cum was my first indication, but his moaning soon spurred me on to go faster. I imagined his putting his hands into my hair and taking over. I never took my eyes off of his which were radar locked onto mine as well. “Cum in my mouth baby, I want to swallow you, I need to swallow you”. A little bit later, a gallon of cum spurted into my mouth, then again, and several more times after that. He closed his eyes after the first explosion. I never closed mine. His entire face seemed so excited and relaxed at the same time.


  1. To make eye contact at that critical moment is powerful magic. You are a wonderful gift-giver, and to force him into speaking his needs is very very sexy.

  2. Love the blog. Linking to mine

  3. Where are you????

    :-) I miss you and hope you are OK.