Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Boyfriend's Birthday Present(s)

The Boyfriend rarely makes a clear request about wanting anything special, so when he said he wanted to go away for his birthday, I was stunned speechless. And, to be honest, I believe I was of mixed minds about it; I wanted him to have his wish and, at the same time, I did not really want to go. When the police called to tell me that my parents had been in an accident, we were out the door and on our way to the hospital in moments. It was probably the longest drive of my life. I think it was sometime in the middle of the night when I realized that we were supposed to have been leaving for his birthday trip the next day. And then my emotions came pouring out. I cried to him about our not being able to go, but he was a champ about the whole thing. When the world returned to normal, taking him on his trip was my first order of business. I am not trying to say I make any sense, just describing the craziness in my head.

I made arrangements for a Friday and Saturday night getaway. I really could not tell you if he was excited about his long delayed birthday wish, but I can tell you that I was excited just to be getting out of town and away from everything. When we arrived, I was not surprised to find him more interested in what television stations we got than he was in getting laid. This was not my first rodeo. I have gone away for the weekend before with past boyfriends and most were eager to get me out of my pants within seconds of getting to the room. They usually tried to be romantic and casual about it, like I could not see what was coming next. Harley was possibly the most to the point – that’s the kind of man he was though – he just started undoing my pants and pulling off my blouse. But, please do not misunderstand me; if I was going away with someone, then I was okay with it all. It is just interesting how each man went about it. But, this is the Boyfriend we are talking about. Instead of getting me onto the bed, he sprawled himself out on the bed and began surfing the television.

I am sure that I must have sighed silently.

I went into the bathroom to freshen up. I also got totally naked. I debated for a bit about whether to come out in just my bra and panties, or just my panties, because I always thought a little bit of clothing was sexier. After staring at myself way too long in the mirror, I finally voted for just plain naked. Almost naked - I put a bow over each breast and one between my legs.

Leaving the bathroom, I crawled onto the bed onto my knees and asked him what else he would like for his birthday.

I am learning that most people prefer short blog entries. I am going to try, but if you knew me, then you would know how hard this will be for me. I am just not good at that. This trip did get a bit long and involved – in a good way - so I will break it up into sections.


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about how long your posts are. After all, it's not the size of the post, but the quality of the content that matters ;)

    Seriously though, write what you want. My posts get kind of long and sometimes I do worry about it but try not to let it interfere with what I'm writing. Plus, you could always do the old "Part 1/Part 2" thing.

  2. Long, lovely, detailed posts are just fine with me. Or, you can give us a 1,000 word essay in a picture.

    :-) I like the way the trip is starting.

  3. Ya'll are always so nice to me.

    And Advizor, I will take the picture essay under consideration. :)