Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My First Topless Photo

I have been hesistant to post a topless photo. I had a good day today and thought "why the Hell not!" Harley took these pictures a long time ago; before enhancements and before I went blonde. I hope that does not matter to anyone. :)

So, here I am standing in just my bra and panties. And . . .

. . . here I am in just my panties. You will see the bra draped over the chair. Sorry guys. Maybe someday. :)

Don't hate me.


  1. I knew it was too good to be true!!! Maybe next time?

    But wow, these are terrific shots, you had a fabulous figure then, as you do now. That second shot of your abs and hips made me a bit dizzy, all of my blood started rushing all the wrong places.

  2. Damn... you're gorgeous... blonde or not... enhancements may not have been needed sugar... LICK

  3. I think it would take a lot more than that to make anyone hate you!
    Besides, technically, this is a topless photo even though we can't see the nips, there is definite proof, unless you are wearing a different bra and the one on the chair is just a decoy!! (but I highly doubt that).

    P.S. - hot, hot, hot!

  4. Great tease no matter how true the words were.


  5. Nice tease, girl! Gorgeous figure!

    In fact, I would have to say you are totally lang-hot..(naw, I don;t know what that means either it was the capitca (sp?) verification word!

  6. Ha! Still very, very sexy, though.

  7. Wow. Lovely photos. Hope to see more.
    Dyna :)