Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sex as a visual?

I have heard from more than one man that sex is very visual to them. I have always understood that and have played with it on more than one occasion. Re-reading my last post, I think it became even more apparent to me. I am giving Wide Load his blow job and I can see us in the mirror. I can get so wrapped up into what I am doing – how does he feel, is he enjoying it, am I doing it right – that I forget this simple thing. Sex is visual.

It may not be true to all men and I am not suggesting that it is. It is clearly true with Wide Load. Harley also. I would say it has been true for every Lover of mine. And, while the Boyfriend has never said, I am guessing that it is probably true for him as well given his reactions at times to different outfits like the witches costume on Halloween.

Sex for me is all about the feeling. What I want to feel changes which kind of sucks for my guys who want to know how to please me. But, on the whole, I like feeling submissive or, at the very least, that my Lover is dominant. Watching Wide Load and me in the mirror, I thought I looked so submissive on my knees for him, that he looked so powerful (which he is), and that I looked sexy for him. I think I enjoyed giving that blowjob more than any I have ever done.

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  1. I think the combination of you, the mirrors, the "public place" and your desire to combine it all for Wide Load makes it a great moment. It seems to have fulfilled your need to serve, and his need to watch, and it is all fun for us to read about.