Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Boyfriend Gets Lucky Again

Indulge me returning to the day of the Boyfriend's heat stroke. 

He had slept through the night w/o issue.  By morning, I was less worried about him.  Nurse Rachel had saved another patient.
Nurse Rachel, however, was having issues of her own.
Nurse Rachel had woken up thinking about last night.  We had made love one more time last night after the game. It was slow and pleasant.  It was different.  And thinking about it had made Nurse Rachel very horny.
After the game, I had turned off the light.  He woke up enough to roll over and lay his head on my chest.  I think that was all he initially intended, just to cuddle w his head on my shoulder.  I said good night.  He thanked me yet again for being there for him.  We ended up talking, nothing serious, just light chatter about nothing serious.  After a bit, while we were still talking about nothing in particular, I felt his hand beginning to roam.  I laugh thinking about it.  Does not matter the age, men and boys, they never change.  Telling the story now, it is hard not to remember all the boys who started making their move the same way years ago in high school.  But those are stories for another day.  Like I said previously, I never stopped loving the Boyfriend.  I just wanted more from a relationship.  I don’t know – maybe the problem is that I don’t know what I want.  As far as for right then, I did know what I wanted.  I wanted his hand to keep doing what it was doing.  I wanted him to be happy.  I wanted him to feel good.  And he was certainly making me feel good as well.
The interesting thing, to me anyway, was that as his hand roamed my body, pausing at the interesting places, and then continuing on, we never stopped our idle chatter.  If you could only hear us talking, you would have been surprised to know that he was getting his index finger slick w my juices and then running it around my nipples.  I cannot begin to tell you how long he kept this up.  He seemed to be happily enjoying himself.  It made me feel good that, after all the crap he has had to endure lately, he was able to feel some pleasure w me.  And it felt good.  Really good.  I was in no hurry to get more intense.  I was curious to see where he was going w this.  We just kept talking about nothing in particular.  The conversation did drift towards past dates we had gone on.  He mentioned the night we went to the movies for one of our first dates and how he spent most of the movie trying to cop a feel.  I laughed and asked if he could name the movie.  “There was a movie?” he laughed back.  That’s kind of how the conversation went.  He dipped his finger into my soaking sheath, flittered it across my clit a time or two, then would draw on more parts of my body w my wetness.  It was like he was finger painting me w a shiny coat of me.  Aside from pulling my top off me (I was already w/o panties), he said nothing about what he was doing.  I think it was all the more pleasurable because we just kept talking, but never talking about what he was doing to me.
Slowly, he began to focus more on my trigger.  At first, he simply lingered there a little longer before moving on to paint me elsewhere w my wetness.  Several times, he took his wet finger to my lips for me to suck my fluids from it.  (Men seem to enjoy watching me taste my own juices - Is it all men or just the men I pick?)  Over time, his fingers lingered longer and longer on my trigger.  After he had particularly covered my nipple w my juices, he lowered his heard further from shoulder and took my breast into his mouth.  Hmmmmm, his gentle bite felt good.  And as he took my breast into his mouth, he slid his finger deeper inside me.  I had my arm around him, both hands playing w his hair and he continued to suckle my breast.  Leaving my sheath, he took his extra wet fingers and began to massage my trigger at length.  Our idle chatter had stopped finally.  All that could be heard now was my moaning and his hunger as he devoured my breast.  The more I moaned, the more aggressive he became w my breast and w my trigger.  And the more aggressive he became, he more I moaned.  We were a good pair!!!
I do not know if I gave him any warning or not.  I remember only when the first wave hit me that I squeezed my legs together, holding his fingers inside of me.  I pulled his head harder into my bosom.  He responded by taking more of me into his mouth and biting all the harder.  As the waves crashed over me, I squeezed his hand inside of me all the harder w my legs and pulled his head all the harder onto my breast.  I was being impaled and devoured simultaneously.
When the last wave passed, I lay there intoxicated in the moment.  He released his firm grip on my breast, but continued to caress it w his tongue and lips.  He kept his fingers deep inside me for a while longer maintaining that feeling of him being inside of me.
He gently spread my knees further apart and then, w/o words still, got between them.  He easily slipped into me.  It is a special feeling that initial feeling of fullness. 
“I missed you”, I said to him w/o thinking about it.
“I missed you more”, he said back.
“I love you”, I said.
I expected him to say, “I love you more”; instead he said, “I have always loved you Rache”.  Damned if he did not almost make me cum again just by saying he loved me. 
Much like he had that entire evening, he rode me gently that evening.  He thrust slowly into me like he was gently massaging me from the inside out.  We had stopped the idle chatter, but still we continued to talk.  Now we talked more about how we felt about each other.  He said again how much he appreciated my helping him w the lawns.  And while that was like the millionth time he had thanked me, it led to appreciating me for the blow job I gave him in the shower. 
“What’s a girlfriend for,” I laughed, “if not for getting on her knees when her boyfriend is having a matter”.
We talked about different times we made love in the past.  He would recall a memory.  I would recall a memory.  It was interesting to listen to him tell me things he was thinking or visualizing  when we had made love before, all the time he continued gently riding me. 
Much like me w him, he did not give me any real warning that he was about to cum.  He was just suddenly very close.  He had stopped talking and had buried his head into my shoulder.  I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight.
“Cum in me baby”, I whispered, “cum in me”.
After he came, we were both as relaxed as any two people could be.
There was something so special about the night that, come morning; I just lay there thinking about it again.  I got all worked up again and desperately need him back inside of me.  He woke up to the feel of my mouth going around his dick - a perfect way for any man to wake up, if I do say so myself.  I held him deep in my mouth, my tongue wrapping around him, feeling him grow harder and harder.  I like it when I make him hard in my mouth.  Then, I straddled him and slipped him back home inside of me.  “This is where you belong”, I said to him.
It was my turn to gently ride him.

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  1. This was equal parts hot and sweet. Tender and sexy. I'm happy for you, and envious of him!