Saturday, October 31, 2015

Naked Chess

I am sure my fascination w this picture, like Rorschach's Ink Blots, says something about me.  And I am not sure I want to know what it says about me.  :)

I think it was Advizor who originally posted it as part of his weekly FFF.  I remember seeing it and being immediately turned on by it.  After spotting it on his blog, I had two tasks that needed my immediate attention.  The first, I needed to write a short story.  I got it written, but did not get it posted.  The second, I needed the Boyfriend inside of me.  I got that handled as well.  Scrolling through some old photos, I came across this photo again.  It still turns me on.  And the Boyfriend is getting ready to benefit again!!!
I like being naked.  I like being naked for the man I love.  I like the idea of him still being dressed while I am so exposed.
And I would probably HAVE to be naked if I hoped to win a game of chess (LMAO!!).
Why does it turn me on so much?  I really do not know.  Y’all figure it out.
Okay, time to go wake up the Boyfriend . . . :)


  1. I love this picture too, but there is something that makes me as a man feel really uncomfortable about it. My mind goes immediately to thought that she is a prostitute (which I have no issue with) or that they are in a D/s relationship, which I also have no problem with, but it just makes me feel uncomfortable and I don't know why.

    My experience being fully clothed with a woman being totally nude did not involve a game of chess. Instead, I dropped a co-worker off after work and she asked me in her apartment to "show me something". I stood inside the apartment while she ran off to her room, then came back 30 seconds later completely nude. She allowed me to fondle her and jack-off onto her, but that was it. That was her gratitude for the ride home, and I'm certain she never told her husband.


    :-) Every time you mention me an angel gets their wings. And, if your BF got lucky off my picture, then I expect a thank-you note. :-p

    My favorite chess-related memory is from college. My GF at the time was an experienced chess player, had books on the shelf about it and at least one trophy for smart kids at home in Connecticut.

    She challenged me. We played. And I played so badly, so illogically, so randomly that I won. And then refused every offer of a rematch. She hounded me for weeks. Even offered me a make-out session in exchange. I told her that the joy of winning was better than a kiss. She didn't like that at all. LOL

    We did not last much longer.