Friday, October 23, 2015

Blogger Still Hates Me

I have been home sick for the past week.  Yes, I caught the Boyfriend’s cold and I thought it was going to kill me too.  Had all the usual symptoms, but probably the worst for me has been the exhaustion.  Another Rachel fun fact – snotty tissues need to be immediately destroyed, burned to ashes, sent to an alternative dimension, whatever it takes for them to NOT be around me.  Mom would sit in the living room, blow her nose, and leave her biohazardous waste on her table until someone – usually me – cleaned up after her.  I cannot even have a waste basket in my bedroom w them in it.  So, when my nose was pouring snot, to where I am nearly drowning it is so bad, I have to go to the bathroom to blow my nose where I can flush the tissue gone from my universe.  And the teeny walk from by bed to the bathroom felt the Boston Marathon.  I ended up sleeping in the bathroom simply because I did not have the energy to crawl back to my bed.
Finally, except for still feeling wiped out w the slightest task, I started to feel better.  Home alone, pretty much stuck in bed, no one to talk too w everyone I know being at work – what’s a girl gonna do to pass the time.  Why, take naked pictures for my blog, of course.  J 
Except that Blogger still hates me.  Or possibly Blogger does not like the way I look.  Both make me sad .  L  I do not know why Blogger would hate me.  And while I am not ravishing, I do think I am fairly cute.  So, I really do not know what Blogger’s attitude is w me posting pictures.  All I know is that I have tried everything I know to try.  Everyone blames it on Windows 10.  Of course, I had issues before w Blogger before Windows 10 was even a glimmer in Bill Gates eye. 
So, until I can figure out why Blogger hates me, the best I can do is DESCRIBE my naked pictures.  I think I was pretty cute in all of them J.  And I might have even been “ravishing” in a few


  1. Now I hate blogger too. And you can ignore my other message. This explains it all.

    Get better soon!!!

  2. fucking blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Get well soon sunshine. Hope you can get blogger working again