Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Think Its What A Girlfriend Does

The girls were talking about sex the other day and I was surprised to learn how some could take it or leave it.  Most seemed to think twice a week was enough.  They joked about how their men took long showers sometimes and were 'probably' taking care of things themselves in the shower.  One described her husband masturbating on the bed beside her.  I didn't get it.

I realize that not everyone has the same sex drive that I have.  But even so, I have been asked for sex when I was not really feeling it.  I would feel sad if my lover was taking care of himself when I was lying there in the bed waiting and willing.  The Boyfriend may be a bad example because his idea of frequent sex was twice a month (if it was a good month) and I was far more likely to be pestering him.  Harley, however, was a beast.  There were times, not many I grant you, that Harley began making moves on me when I really wasn't feeling it.  I never doubted for a moment that I could have said "no" and there was never any pressure on me to perform.  But I wanted too.  He needed me to do that for him.  I don't know any other way to say it except that I think its what a girlfriend does.

Now, I will quietly admit that I have sometimes wished for Harley, and sometimes the Boyfriend, to hurry up and finish.  The Boyfriend was probably the worst.  Most often, the Boyfriend would last five, ten, maybe fifteen minutes inside of me (not that I ever actually timed it, okay).  But sometimes, he would get these 'diamond-cutters' that just simply would not bust.  Oh My God!  It sounds like a lot more fun than it is, especially if you're the poor girl taking it, and taking it, and taking it.  I tease.  It was fun.  But sometimes, I'd be exhausted, my legs would be sore, I would be drenched in sweat, and he'd be dripping sweat all over me . . . did I mention that my legs were sore.  And he'd still be going strong.  I think the longest was a couple of hours, but usually I think it was around an hour.  Harley was more consistent; generally about a half hour I think.  But sometimes, he could not finish either.  I think it was more frustrating for them actually.  They wanted to finish but couldn't. I'm saying to them, "cum in me lover".  I'm saying to myself, "finish already". 

Some of my favorite memories though stem from these times.  I could always tell when the Boyfriend was getting close to finishing.  Harley was a little bit the same.  Their breathing would become deeper and their thrusting more steady.  Harley also grunted more when he was getting close.  It was kind of cute actually.  I always liked, during a marathon fuck, when I could sense them getting close to cumming.  I loved those moments the best because I think they needed to finish inside of me perhaps more than ever.

Okay, Mr. Murphy is waiting.  Its time for me to go mow the lawn.


  1. I've been in both camps,saying "no" and trying to work up a favorable response when my lover wants sex and I am not in the mood. I find the second response better, healthier for both of us. I am actually working on a post of my own in a similar vein.

  2. You feeling bad for your lover shows What a good person you are.

    Mr Murphy will be happy. Lol

  3. i think your attitude towards it all is really wonderful. The best thing about your approach is that you are open to the intimacy offered you which allows your lovers to ask for it when they are ready for it. Though that sounds selfish on the surface, it really isn't. For real intimacy to florish, it has to be freely offered and given. If you want sex you should be able to ask for sex without fear of rejection or worse, indifference.

    Many men (and women) are driven in to the arms of another partner because they are put down, ignored, or ridiculed when they ask for physical intimacy. Eventually the pain of rejection overcomes their fear of god or divorce or discovery and the seek it out with others.

    Being open to intimacy will not secure fidelity at all times or with all partners, but the opposite will most likely end in pain of another kind.

    On the other point, my 1st lover's husband had problems coming to climax. He was a "diamond cutter" who had problems getting to orgasm. She admitted trying everything in her bad of tricks only to finish long before he did and ending the night feeling like she didn't turn him on enough. His hang-up was that he felt it made him a super-stud even when she felt like a failure.

    Your approach is not only very insightful, but wonderfully sexy and inviting. Thanks for sharing.

    how did the lawn turn out?