Friday, August 23, 2013

Advizor's FFF


"Leave a message."
"Yes, Old One", at that, Tobias turned to leave; his number two walking by his side.
"And Tobias", he added, "be creative".
"Be creative", his number two questioned?
"Meaning without bloodshed".
"And just how are you supposed to 'leave a message' for the rival gangs that this city belongs to the Pact without violence . . . with your good looks".
Tobias turned smiling, "no, not w MY good looks . . . Mr. Fong is into us heavy . . . I believe his daughter is a senior at State . . . tell him we have a painless way he can repay all his debts to the Pact".
A short time later, Cindy Fong found herself bound in the middle of the street.  Naked.  Helpless.  Unable to prevent anyone from doing anything they wanted to her.  She was supposed to meeting her boyfriend for their six month anniversary.  She thought to surprise him w a blowjob before they went out to dinner.  But a man called using her father's cell phone.  Her father was in trouble and needed her to come to him right away.  She rushed to his restaurant.  A man grabbed her when she entered, another sat beside her father at a table.
"Miss, you have an opportunity to help your father.  And, aside from a little embarrassment, you will not be harmed".
"Now STRIP", he commanded.
As dawn approached, his second turned to Tobias.  "The message - that the Pact is so feared we can place a woman naked on the street and know she will not be touched until we return for her?"
Tobias smiled adding, "the Old One has struggled hard to teach me that real communication can only be had BEFORE violence".
"And after . . . ?"
"And AFTER violence, then there can only be more violence".


  1. Oooh, i like that. The anti-gang rape scenario. i truly had not thought of that. It's a fun take on power and how it is used. The more I think about it the more I like it. Well done my friend!

  2. Tobias has learned some wisdom from the Old One. :-)

    Very creative take on this pic. Happy FFF!

  3. Thanks for leaving out the violence! Very creative! So fun FFFing with you!

  4. Thank you Advizor. Your support and encouragement always means a lot.

    Thank you Max. I have never reprised a character before. Was actually writing something else, but then it seemed like Tobias was whispering in my ear.

    And Sassy, always fun to FFF w you too. Thank you.

  5. Very nice. I like the non violent message.

  6. Yes...I like it...the power of non-violence. The power of a physical message.