Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First Affair (Part 2)

I am sorry for th delay. Work has been un-real intense and home has been impossible to write from lately. Then, you factor in that I am not the world's greatest writer and need ample amounts of time to sort through my thoughts to put them down. Ugh.

Now, where were we?

Primo finished in my mouth. I still can not believe I gave him a blowjob in my knees in a parking lot. Finishing, he spun me around and tied my hands behind my back telling me that they would remain tied until he was done with me that evening.

"Yippee", my inside voice said (at least, I hope it was my inside voice).

He placed me into the car, buckling me in, and getting a few gratuitous gropes in at the same time. My hands being tied, I guess it was expected. He drove us back to the hotel, fondling my breasts or running his fingers along my lips at every stop light. And there seemed to be a lot of stop lights. I had assumed he would untie me for when we walked through the lobby back to the room. Instead, he slipped a jacket around my shoulders when hung low enough to conceal my wrists tied behind my back. Returning to the room, I expected it would be short time before I was back on my knees or bent over taking him from behind. I could not have been more mistaken.

He placed a blindfold over my eyes. Then, Primo untied my hands long enough to undress me. I next found myself tied naked spread-eagle on the bed. I assumed my 'captor' was till fully clothed, though I could not say for sure as I remained blindfolded. The hours - yes, I said HOURS - that followed found me tied up in dozens of positions; kneeling, standing, bent over, spread-eagle, legs over my head, on all fours, with most positions being repeated. His lips were everywhere on me. And always there was a finger, or fingers, inside of me somewhere. Oftentimes, there were mutliple fingers inside of me. He would nuzzle my clit with a finger in my clit and another in my ass while he reached up with his other hand to have me suck his fingers with my lips. I loved having him in every one of my openings at the same time and apparently he loved it as well. He would occasionally take breaks from 'torturing' me by having me suck on his fingers or his dick. He seemed to love getting his fingers wet with my juices and then placing them inside of my lips. He said he loved watching me "taste myself on him". He would do the same with his dick.

One of my favorite moments had to be when he bent me over the bed and entered me from behind. He slapped my ass and told me to fuck him. He slapped my ass again and again until I did and slapped my ass again if I slowed down any.

It was an incredible evening.

I think he must have finally reached the end of his ability to refrain from his own urges, because he finally undid the blindfold, undid the ties, and kissed me. Sensing that he needed fulfillment, I asked him, "where do you want me". He answered by pulling me up a bit from the bed and slipping into my mouth. I decided it was time for me to take over. I squirmed around into a different position and took control of his need. Before long, he was filling my mouth for the second time that evening with his cum.


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  1. Holy F**ing crap!! That was hot,.... That's not fair.... I want an affair like that!! No fair No fair no fair!!! xxx glad to see you back! :-)