Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kinda/Sorta Date

I swear - I think being a Gator is going to cause my heart to explode.
All in the Gator Nation (isn't that everyone?) know that, two weeks ago, the sky parted to unleash a fury upon Florida Field.  Granted, it is known as "The Swamp".  But the continuous lightening did discourage even the most intrepid Gator from taking the field.  The whole ten seconds that they did play, the Gator looked more like he really was running through a swamp than a football field.  We were at a sports bar and kept waiting because we knew that eventually the storm would pass - it didn't.  Okay, we also kept waiting because there was beer.
And then last night!  Triple overtime!!  Really!!! 
On a lighter note, I went to the sports bar - appropriately named "Gators" - on a kinda/sorta date, I guess.  It didn't really start out as a date.  I had been asked out to watch the game, but I encouraged him instead to join a group of us that had decided to meet at "Gators" to watch the game.  I guess, to be fair to him, it became a date when we made arrangements for him to pick me up.  Now, to be fair to me, I had plans already to ride w someone because I did not want to worry about drinking and driving.  As I read what I'm writing, I'm thinking - "what a bitch".  But really, I wasn't looking to go out on a date that night.  I was just planning to hook up w friends, not just girls, to have a good time and watch the game.  A girlfriend was already set to pick me up, but he did live just a stone's throw from me and when he offered to get me instead to my girlfriend - who was driving a little bit out of her way - well, it only made sense.  I guess it became a date to me when he started buying my beers and I didn't protest.  Now, besides making me sound bad, I'm making him sound like he was not datable material.  No, really, he's a really nice guy (yes, I know, I had a guy friend tell me that being called "nice" was the kiss of death - but that's a discussion for another day).  I guess, what I'm saying is that, from my perspective, we kinda/sorta fell into a date.  And, maybe that was a good thing, because I'm not sure that I would have ever said "yes" to going out w him.  As it turned out, I had a real nice time . . . and I think he did too.  Hours of waiting w many wings and pitchers of beer consumed, he suggested we go see "Guardians of the Galaxy".  I'd seen it before (which I didn't tell him - thinking about it, he might have already seen it too but didn't tell me), but was totally into seeing it again.  Great movie.  And I never grow tired of looking at Chris Pratt!!!  Now, I did sincerely offer to pay for the tickets since he had paid for dinner and drinks.  He stayed true to guy code and wouldn't let me.  The movie was awesome, as I knew it would be.  He put his arm around me.  I lifted up the armrest between our seats and curled up into him.  He caught a little side-boob action.  At first, I thought it was accidental, but when he kept running his fingers up and down . . . well, once is maybe accidental and he went way past the once.  (Silent laughing).  Anyone looking for more sordid details, that was really the extent of the 'action'.  My favorite part of our "date" was when we walked back to his car.  He was opening the door for me, but then he suddenly stopped me from getting in - instead, he pulled me into him for a long lingering kiss.  I love to kiss.  His was perfect.  When he drove me home, he walked me to my door and kissed me again the same way.  Yes, I did the girly thing, and just leaned against the inside of the door after I closed it, smiling.


  1. Yea, it became a date when you lifted the arm rest. before then it was just flirting and pre-date negotiation. LOL In the best possible way.

    I'm glad you had a good time. I'm glad you gave a nice guy a chance.

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    1. Hey There A54!!! (Jeez, I deleted my own comment jus cause I wanted to type your name out diff - didn't know I'd cause such a fuss on my own blog)