Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Boyfriend Texts For Help

The Boyfriend was blowing up my phone last night.  And before you say "so what", let me add that it would have been weird even before our relationship went onto the back burner.  The Boyfriend and texting are not exactly on friendly terms.  If that wasn't bizarre enough, Mr. I Don't Text is also trying to be funny.  Fair enough, I will give him his props, he was making me laugh. 
I'm was also trying to figure out what's up?
I was texting my friend Randi in between texting the Boyfriend back.  Randi knew immediately, "Rache, sweetie, what is every man thinking about any time he is texting a girl".
Duh - Rachel can be a little slow sometimes.  (And you men are such pigs - laughing).
Poor thing, he was bringing his A-game too.  Despite our relationship kind of being in limbo, I do love the Boyfriend.  Being flirtatious is not his strength.  I could almost imagine a gang of guys in his apartment feeding him lines to text.  I wish there were, we might have gotten to the point a little quicker.  As it was, we texted for the longest time.  I knew he would never ask me straight out - "can I fuck you tonight?"  I thought he might eventually at least ask if I would come over.  After about 30-45 minutes of texting banter, I could tell he was never going to just put it out there.
"I bet you're feeling horny, am I right".
"Yeah . . . sorry".
"Sorry?  For what Sweetie?"
"I dunno.  I know you moved out wanting some space and here I'm texting you for sex".
"Don't apologize, a girl likes knowing that she turns a man on".
"You do.  You always have".
"Would you like some help w your condition"
"That would be GREAT"
"Tell me what you want".  Sadly, being aggressive or descriptive can be very hard for the Boyfriend.  But sometimes . . .
After a pretty long pause where I was afraid I'd asked the Boyfriend for more than he could do, he responded.  "I would really like you on your knees".
I smiled and asked him, "dressed or naked".
"I can do that for you . . . on my way".


  1. what a great girlfriend you are.

  2. There is great power in making someone state their true intentions. You handled it perfectly.

    Now, please, finish the story.


    1. I love it when a Lover tells me what they want!!!

      Not that much to tell, but . . . just for you . . . I did. Hope it pleases.