Saturday, May 22, 2010

My First Affair - Primo

I told myself I would write about sex today.

And I know who and what I wanted to write about.

My first affair.

He's been calling. He's been emailing. He's been texting.

He needs a name.

Primo. I think I will call him "Primo". I think it is Italian for "First"; even if it is not, it still sounds better.

I had thought about calling him "Alpha", but that just brought up al sorts of "Alpha Male" wicked thoughts which was only going to lead me to a lot more trouble. I should be calling him "Once" or better yet "Never Again". But no, not me, I have been every bit as guilty of calling, emailing, and texting.

So far, nothing has happened. Well, nothing if you don't count the calling, emailing, and texting.

Yes, I am bad. Spank me.

I wish my boyfriend would spank me. That would at least be some type of physical contact between us.

I know what you're saying - "Rachel, shut up about the lack of sex with your boyfriend and tell us all the sordidness with Primo".

I would be glad too - except that there has not been any "more" sordidness with Primo.

Not yet.

And if I can resist temptation, then not ever.

Primo wants to see me again.

I wonder, if I saw him again, would I need to start calling him "Second"? But, would he really count as a second affair? Same guy, right. Wouldn't that keep me at one? Ugh, you see where my brain starts going anytime I get to really thinking about First. This is why I am writing too. Get it down on paper and get it out of my head.

I loved his first email. It was so cute. Three words, nothing more: "OH MY GOD". Those were my feelings exactly.

Well, that and the guilt.

Our emails were mostly just talking with a bit of flirting in them at times. I asked a lot of questions about him. Mostly what I wanted to know is how many times he had done that before. He insisted that he hadn't, of course. I guess it really didn't matter much. Part of me wanted it to be something special for him and not just a lay. He asked a lot of questions about me as well. He never asked if I had done it before. He did ask dance around asking why I though? I told him a lot of what I've told you already. He was firm in his opinion that he could not imagine any man not interested in me so I told him some of my boyfriend and mine's history. I blame myself because I asked him a lot of nosey questions my own self, so he must have felt comfortable doing the same with me. I ended up telling him about how my my boyfriend greeted me in the kitchen that evening I returned, how his hunger for me seemed to cool down within days again, how I tried igniting his fire by giving him a blowjob by the pool, and how things just keep cooling off between us. Primo seemed to hang on every word. He did a lot to make me feel desirable.

Primo said he would love to see me in just his work shirt; but maybe with a pair of hose along with the heels. He apparently has a thing for women in sexy nylons. Of course, slut that I am, I said I would do that for him before I even realized I had said it.

Remember recently when I said I was fighting back the tears. I don't know why; stress at work, some other personal problems, being sick, being exhausted. I don't know. I just was. Primo and I were emailing back and forth about this, when suddenly my phone rang. It was Primo. He had never called me before that. I answered and he said he wanted to ask me how I was doing, not email me. He was worried about me. I had never sounded down to him before. He got me to talking more which led to tears as well. He was so sweet.

The next day, I thanked him for being so sweet. And he was being so sweet too. I could not have asked for a better white knight.

I have a rather jaded sense of humor sometimes. I jokingly teased that he was being sweet just so he could get back into my pants. He caught me off guard with his response. He wrote back, "you get a spanking for that".

I think I wet my panties immediately!!!


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  1. Great comeback from Primo! He must really know what buttons to press. Maybe you will end up getting a spanking, Primo back in your pants, and then some hot sex from boyfriend. Just keep repeating that and you could keep things pretty hot!