Sunday, November 9, 2014

He Scores!!!

It's about time I finished my last post on my date w KSD ("Kinda/Sorta Date").  By the time the game ended last week, I was excited and fed and pleasantly buzzed.  Sticking w the football analogy, there was nothing between KSD and the end zone.  To steal a quote from ESPN, "he could go all the way".
"You in a hurry to get back," he asked holding my hand walking to his car.
"Whacha got in mind," I teased him.
"I was thinking we could take a drive to the beach, maybe take a walk".
Romantic.  Nice move.  "Makes for a long drive back late at night", I said.
"We don't necessarily have to drive back tonight," he said w just enough of a joking tone to see which way I would take it - as a joke or serious.
"I got nowhere to be tomorrow". 
I loved the smile that lit up his face then.  He all but ran to the car pulling me along w him.
Now that we had established, in a manner of speaking, that we were going to do this, he was fair game for me to tease w/o mercy.  "It will be dark on the beach (mandatory lights out along the beach so as to not confuse the sea turtles), I would be tempted to strip down to my panties and bra to jump in the ocean . . . but I'm not wearing any".
It was a fun drive to the beach and time just flew by.  He checked us into a nice hotel.  I expected him to lead me straight to the room figuring that 'take a walk along the beach' was a ruse for let's get a room and fuck.  I was pleasantly surprised when, instead of leading me to the room, he led me through the hotel towards the beach.
He slipped out of his shoes and rolled up his pant legs.  I slipped out of my heels and thankfully I was wearing a skirt.  Holding hands, we then walked along the waters edge.  It was October, so there was a chill to the water.  "the cold water is making my nips hard", I laughed towards him (I'm pretty sure they were already diamond hard). 
"Maybe I can warm them up," he joked back.  He pulled me into his arms and kissed me.  It occurred to me that was our first kiss for the evening, not counting a few pecks on the cheek like you'd give your mother.  We walked a few steps and he pulled me in for another kiss.  They were good kisses, not great; firm, no hesitation, just not especially memorable.  He must have been thinking too far ahead of himself, because he made up for the routine kisses w his next move.  He spun me around to face the ocean, then he began to nuzzle the back of my neck. 
I got goose bumps and I'm positive he made my nips even harder. 

And then his hands started to explore . . . explore me.  Still kissing my neck, both his hands took hold of my breasts.  It was a firm grip; squeezing w/o causing any pain.  He was lifting them.  It's a silly quirk of mine.  I like the ladies to be lifted up, not pulled down or out.  A hand found its way to the inside of my blouse.  I had lied earlier - I was wearing a bra.  The bra did not deter him for even a second.  His one hand slid under my bra, the other continued to firmly hold me outside my blouse.  His hand was warm against the coolness of my breast. 

"You're being bad", I moaned hoping he would be even more bad.  "You have me soaking wet," I added.  Whether he got the hint or decided himself to try pushing the boundaries, I don't know.  I do know that he was doing felt good.  His free hand, the one not under my bra, slid south.  He pulled my skirt up, not that it was all that long anyway, to where he could finally touch my wetness (on this part I had been honest - I was not wearing panties).  He slipped his finger into my valley.  Coating his finger w my juices, he brought it up to my lips - for me to taste me on his fingers.  I can't speak for all women, but I love it when a man does that.  I love tasting me on then.  I took care of the juices on his finger, giving him a hint of what he might expect from me later (smiling).  He returned his hand to my sheath while he continued to kiss my neck and shoulders and continued to squeeze my breast.  Two of the fingers on my breast had taken my nipple between them and were squeezing extra hard.  Maybe because of the way I moaned, he soon focused upon kneading my breast and twisting my nip.  It does not happen often, but if the situation is just right, I am one of those women who can orgasm by having my nipples squeezed.  Between what he was doing between my legs and under my bra, I could feel an orgasm coming.  I didn't care where we were standing then.  I wanted him to finish me.  And he did.  When I came, I first reached up and pulled the hair on his head (another hint?).  And then I took hold of each of his hands, holding them where they had performed magic w my body.  I finally turned and said, "I need you back in the room now". 

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  1. So this is why everyone put "long walks on the beach" as one of their favorite things. I'm adding it to my list right now.