Sunday, June 22, 2014

Damned Nose Bleeds

I get these horrific nose bleeds.

I may not have a nose bleed for months. And then my nose will pour blood for days in a row. Usually, they occur after a nice relaxing hot shower. I'm drying off only to see my beautiful new towel covered w blood. Want to know a great way to ruin a nice relaxing hot shower - follow it by trying to shove tissue into your nose, a nose thats spewing blood everywhere you look, w hands that are soaking wet and so making the tissue soaking wet, while your blood covered face makes you look like a well fed zombie. Clearly, in case my frustration is not obvious enough, I just had another nose bleed. I'm sitting at my laptop, wearing yet another blood stained towel, w tissue shoved up my left nostril.  And its always the fucking left nostril!!!

And since I knew better than to try going straight to bed, I turned on my laptop.  I made that mistake before of going right to bed and woke up the next morning to a bloody pillow and bloody sheet.  My mom, it was when I was still a teenager, was convinced the blood had all come from my vagina and that I was newly sexually active.  I kept saying - "my pillow - really?"  Now do realize, I was already sexually active - but the blood was from my nose dang it!!!!  I turned to my favorite sites on blogger and realized I have been a very bad girl.  I'm sorry.  I've just been busy having wonderful moments to blog later (smiling).  But since I'm sitting here looking stupid w what looks like a tampon up my nose, and since I've been bad to blogger . . .

. . . . It only seems appropriate now to admit to one of my most embarrassing moments ever.

I was still in high school. I wasn't like the biggest slut at our school, but I wasn't exactly the most pristine either. I was about average. Laughing. Anyway, I had been dating this guy for a few months. We had not had sex yet, but we were probably working towards it. As it happened, I was on my period this particular night. We'd gone to a movie and were necking pretty serious in the parking lot afterwards. He was clearly hinting at getting a blowjob. I let him hint for a good long while even though I'd already decided I would do that for him. What can I say to defend myself, young girls who think they're in love. When I began undoing his pants, I smiled because I could hear his breathing change from excitement. Thinking back, I believe his was the second dick I had taken between my lips. I'm sure my lack of experience was telling in my lack of skill, but my audience wasn't complaining. I'm bobbing away on his dick when I lean back to take a break and to kiss him on his lips. I ran the back of my hand along my nose because it felt a little wet, I was surprised to see my hand covered w something . . . something I soon determined was blood. He's in shock because he doesn't know what's going on. I later learn that my face became smeared w blood when I wiped my hand across it; and it was my face smeared w blood that he saw. He told me he at first thought the blood had come from him. He checked his pants and there was the sight I have tried long to forget - his dick, thighs, and pants covered in bright red blood. Neither of us made any real effort to see the other one again. There was no recovering from a moment like that.


  1. Oh my gosh that is funny. I'm sure both of you were mortified you more than him i'm sure.

  2. OMGOSH THAT IS HORRIBLE (but funny, you know, 15 years later) It would be hard to recover from ending a blowjob covered in blood, but it would make a great scene from a teenage horror movie. All you have to do is add the chewing sound effect and set of vampire teeth and you are set.

    My friend has nosebleeds like you describe. They hit as the strangest times, but we'd be in the middle of something at his house when he'd stop, lie down, and tell me to go get his mom (we were pretty young). It would flow like he'd cut an artery. He finally got it taken care of at the doctor's and it helped for a long time.

    And don't count yourself a bad blogger, we all have our ups and downs. I'm just glad you are still out there having fun, even if you never blog about it.