Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Boyfriend Is Sick

The Boyfriend has been sick this week.
We did not talk the early part of the week, so I did not know he was sick until yesterday when I called to check in on him.  The poor thing.  He really does not do sick well.  Then again, most men don't.
I went over last night and pretty much just mothered him.  I made him a grilled cheese sandwich.  He loves those when he's sick.  I changed the sheets on his bed to make it all nice for him again.  I rubbed him down real good.  I just basically took care of him.
Now, here's the funny thing about the Boyfriend.  He normally is not affectionate and appreciative.  I mean he does appreciate me, he just does not normally express his appreciation all that much.  But when he is sick, he is over the top touchy-feely and grateful.  The first time this happened, I thought a pod-person had body-snatched the Boyfriend.  Later, I thought the Boyfriend was secretly trying to make me sick too.  I finally came to realize it was just a weird quirk he had.
The Boyfriend also likes to be tucked into bed at night, when he's sick, w a gentle fuck or blowjob.  Most men become quiet when they are sick.  The Boyfriend gets horny.  Well, not really horny.  He gets all sentimental.  I think the sex is more because he needs that connection then.  I have learned over the years though.  No missionary - that puts his face right into mine, meaning that I am sick a few days later.  Last night, when he's thinking about bed and hugging on me, I pretty much knew what to expect.  I led him to the bedroom.  He appreciated my changing the sheets for him.  I took off his sweatpants (that's what he tends to wear when he's sick) and had him lay down.  I kept one small nightlight on so he could watch me strip for him.  I gave him head until he was standing up all nice and strong for me, then I straddled him like a cowgirl and slipped him inside of me.  He laid there watching me from his pillow.  I kind of enjoyed it that way.  No rush.  I just gently rode him.  After a while, I guided his hands to my hips, silently encouraging him to set my pace for him.  I was not expecting him to have the strength to move me himself, but thought he could feel like he was moving me on him.  It was nice and I am probably doing a poor job of describing it, but I loved every second of it.  It was easy to tell when he was getting closer to cumming because he really got into squeezing my hips.  I rode him faster and faster.  And when he came, he just groaned in pleasure.  When I slipped off him, I cleaned him off w my tounge, then lovingly covered him up w a blanket.  I slid into bed next to him, naked, curled up and we both went to sleep until morning.

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  1. My wife said she fell in love with me when I made her a turkey sandwich and soup while she was sick. I should have tried your approach.

    I think being sick strips away the macho an we can enjoy, we need, that quiet intimacy, the comfort more than anything else. You are a wonderful girlfriend.